Sunday, 4 July 2021

NNW Reunited (and it feels so good!) 03/07/21

 We finally, after 16 and a bit very long months, were able to reunite in person again!

It wasn't the physical event full of competitions that some might have been hoping for, but the hosts were mainly missing the social contact! 

Jen now collects certain leggings, so after holding a vote on her socials the day before, those who voted, chose Tetris, so Tetris it was! (Thanks Tikiboo :) )

Since people used to come from all over to our events, we decided to hold an outdoor meet in Llandudno, as that's generally a more accessible place than Bangor. 

We met from 2-4ish and it went like a dream! 

The night before it'd had been a very risky decision as the forecast had suddenly decided we were due downpours and thunderstorms! 

We promised to check the forecast one last time at 10am on the day, and by then it said cloudy until 4pm then maybe rain... so we took the gamble, it was ON! 

We met by the cenotaph, and waited until everyone we were expecting had arrived and found us, then we headed up to Happy Valley. 

The views up there are simply fabulous!

Handily the big rock in the middle was "free" so we pitched up there. Half of us sat on the rock, and the others sat on the grass. We had a great catch up with old friends! And a couple had brought their lovely dog "Jasper", so of course he was the star of the "show"! He definitely wasn't short of attention! 

He was very excitable, loved all the attention, barked at other dogs, and was nearly responsible for knocking a poor lady over! She blamed tripping over a hole in the ground, but that was a dramatic few moments, complete with audible gasps! 

A member turned up a bit later so we waited for him, had a quick catch up, and got a group photo in!

Photo taken by Amy.

Just after we left Happy Valley it started to rain, and as we head to our favourite place (The Looking Glass Ice Cream Parlour) the heavens opened! 

Some had to leave earlier so said their goodbyes.

Thankfully there was an undercover bit just across the road, so once everyone had grabbed their ice cream combos of choice, we sheltered under there and continued chatting. 

By then it was time to go, so everyone parted ways as they had parked at opposite ends of the town!
We parted ways somewhat gradually....

It was great to catch up with everyone having not seen anyone in so long! 

We hope to do it again next month, so keep an eye on our socials for updates! 

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