Thursday, 3 September 2020

Virtual Event #5 22/08/20

We timed our event to coincide with the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug Off again. It was pure coincidence, but we made the most of it, and started the first hour with a few of us on Jen's island racing to catch the bugs!

Next was a Tetris competition between 2-3.30pm, of which 7 people took part.  Points were awarded similar to the online Grand Prix Events, with a slight change:

  • 1st: 100 pts
  • 2nd: 50 pts
  • 3rd: 30 pts
  • 4th-10th: 20 pts
  • 11th-30th: 15 pts
  • 31st+: 10 pts
    (the online Grand Prix has fewer points below 50th place, but we felt it was fairer to keep this the same if people got out early due to CPU 'interference')

The finishing positions were varied to start, but as the rounds progressed everyone generally improved - particularly Tim!

The points reflecting this gave us the final scores after 10 rounds:

Tim ran away with the victory, as he had the most consistent wins! 

We have been running our online events using games suggested by our regular attendees.  Because of this, at 4pm we had a Mario Maker 2 multiplayer tournament.  Sadly only 3 people signed up for this, and the person who suggested it also didn't sign up! 

The 3 had fun though, and it was a best of 5, across the courses below: (videos are of single player mode)






Chris won the first three courses, but everyone was happy to finish the final two, giving a result of 4-1-0 top Chris.  Although this was over fairly quickly, Chris, Dan and Dylan decided to stay on to play some random courses online.  As with all online Mario Maker courses, some are great, some are … not so great!

We actually finished the event slightly earlier than the designated time, as everyone wanted to go and have food, but we actually came back later in the evening to join in with the Chicken v Egg Splatfest on Splatoon 2!  It's nice to be able to create the team names and experiment to see what's the funniest!