Sunday, 31 May 2020

Virtual Event #3 30/05/20

With still no definite date of when we can resume physical meets (which can't come soon enough!) we pushed on with our main event date keeping. This time we changed up the games as suggested by some of the regular members, so the featured games this time were: Splatoon 2 and Mario Maker 2!

We asked our friend Leon from BourneNintendo/ Nintendo Chichester if he'd be willing to help out/stream some of our event, and bingo, he had a day off! go check him out!

(Highlight video will be linked in the near future!)

1pm-2pm, like last event, we did a warm up with a free for all Tetris99 session! Leon was commentating but also taking part, and when down to the last few, I noticed he kept describing my own grid! (I won maybe one game, but the rest I made that fatal mistake and bombed out near the end!)

2-4pm was allotted for Splatoon 2. We took inspiration from Nintendo South Wales' Splatfests, except the teams were just Alpha and Bravo rather than "this or that". Teams were assigned randomly every game.
All weapons and gear were allowed, and modes were one of each in turn, but random maps.

Here are some clips taken from the session.

From NNW Dylan:

"Take a Look at Sam in the top Right Corner!"

"Tekirai surviving longer than Expected!"

The final tie breaker was a 3 way tie between Nick, Geo and Mole. 

It was a Turf War 1 v 1.
1) Mole v Nick = Mole
2) Geo v Mole = Geo
3) Nick v Geo = Geo

"Final Handshake Between Nick And Geo"

During the Splatoon 2 session, a few also got together to play a bit of Salmon Run.

At around 4pm the Mario Maker 2 challenge started.

The two stages to be played were:

Option 1:
The Last House on Elm Street

Option 2:
The Summer Bug Off

Leon did a demo on them on his stream then left us to it!

You had to send your fastest time screenshot to Dylan by 5pm. 

The best time from each stage had to do a tie breaker on the final stage:

Mario Crossing: Wild World: NW4-9VN-CVG

Luke took the victory over Rhys on that one, and since we couldn't actually see them do the challenges, here's what they had to say:

Rhys: "Enjoyed playing and unravelling the selected levels."

Luke: "It was kinda stressful trying to figure out how to shorten my time on the last level, but I eventually figured out a strategy. Rhys certainly tightened the record, but now I think I made it unbeatable, ha ha. "

These scores were submitted around the 6pm mark



Special thanks to Leon for being able to stream and help us out!

Side note: If you don't know much about Splatoon but you like the look of it, or have it but think you're no good, why not sign up for NPUK's Sushi Bracket of the Squid League. Check out NNW's or NPUK's Discord servers/social media for more details :)

and of course if you just fancy watching, the Kraken Brackets for the more competitive are available to watch over on the NPUK Discord NOW! (week 2 out of 5 starts this coming week!)

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