Monday, 30 March 2020

Virtual Event #1 28/03/20

Sadly, we had to cancel all our upcoming events because of the country being in Lockdown due to Covid-19.
We'd already decided as NPUK to advise people to cancel their events the week before the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but little did we know that just over a week later, the whole country would be obliged to go in an actual lockdown!

This particular event was originally supposed to be 1 of 16 "NPUK's Island Paradise" challenges, which has now been postponed to later in the year. (TBC)
In the meantime, NPUK as a whole has ramped up its online presence, hosting various games for everyone to join in! (Please check out the Discord server for more info!)

NNW will never cancel an event. We stand by that, but on this occasion we weren't allowed to hold a physical event, so rather than lose it completely, we moved it all online instead!

We had a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament from 12-5pm, a Smash Ultimate Tournament from 1pm, and an all day Animal Crossing photo challenge.

The Mario Kart tournament was won by The Mole, who got all his matches in at 12pm! The majority of us went on at 2pm. 32 races were a lot to get through, but everyone seemed to have fun! (Even Jen who had awful drift haha)
150cc, Frantic items, CPU normal, random tracks!

The Smash Tournament was hosted by regular Shae. He'd asked for sign ups before the day, and set the rules out in the Discord ahead of time too. There were 10 sign ups in the end, and he did a double elimination tournament which lasted a couple of hours. 

One of the players apparently went on a shopping trip in the middle of it and ended up getting disqualified for not coming back in time...

Games between AquaZz and Lanziio were very close, and then AquaZz v TastyDerp too.
Glyn managed to swing back, but it was TastyDerp that took the final victory!

The Animal Crossing Challenge was to take a photo representing commuity. Given the weird situation that we're in at the moment, some took it as more contemplative, others took it as a group of villagers coming together, and one simply just put the NNW banner on the ground! (Thanks, it was appreciated! :P)
We asked the other NPUK admins for a quick vote, and revealed the winners as almost a tie between SammyRed and TheDrn's Fiancee, Zara!
With a couple of extra last minute votes, Zara just swiped the victory!

Wishing Upon a Star (for better times where we can meet in person again :) )

Each of the winners of the day bagged themselves £10 eShop credit. Well done guys!

Alas, we couldn't do our traditional group photo, or the raffle at the end, but hopefully it won't be forever before we can meet properly again!

Please keep in touch with our latest most up to date news via the Discord Server (

Monday, 2 March 2020

NNW: The Perfect Couple 29/02/20

We were forecast a storm for the weekend, but it was actually ok for most of the day!

We had a Bowser and and a special enamel smash badge in the raffle this time.

We saw some Grid on the big screen first, and then when people started arriving, some wanted to try out the "loanable" amiibo to see which one they could trust for the tournament.
Most people who signed up for our "Perfect Couple" tournament (where you and your amiibo battled it out against someone else and their amiibo) brought their own amiibo. We had a couple of Isabelles, and a few Samuses. but there was a good range of amiibo in general.

First though, we had round 1 of the new league to do. This year the league is based around Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo Olympics, Out of two rounds, one was a game themed to the Olympic game we had chosen. This time it was "Must Dash Amigos"

This is a tremendously fun, highly charged Mexican sprint, full of Guacamole, Bombs and slippery goo....!
Groups of 3 or 4 competed against each other to get their first set of scores for this year's league.

The Smash tournament was next up.
Not everyone realised that you could share stock with your amiibo, but once everyone got going, it proved quite useful!

There were some tense matches, and unexpected people won because of strong amiibo!

Especially that Bowser...
It was only after the tournament had finished, that a team of 7 managed to take down "Web"

Lucky for Glyn, he had chosen "Web" Bowser as his loaned amiibo for the tournament. He beat John in a fairly quick battle and still had 3 stock left over! oof!

Round 2 of the league was the actual Olympic Game: The 100m dash. It was very brief, but people put a lot of physical effort into it!

There was a slight gap, so some played a bit of Just Dance on the big screen.

The other screen had Smash on for most of the day.

The tie breaker featured just Dale and Kian. They battled it out on 10 rounds of Runbow, but Dale took the final victory and the £10 eShop credit that came with it!

We finished with the raffle and prizes, but almost forgot about the group photo! We just about managed it before most escaped though! (and some carried on playing Just Dance for a bit too.)
- sorry to those who actually escaped before we realised :P