Monday, 9 December 2019

Christmas Done Differently! 07/12/19

We got in a little bit late, but we got set up including full size keyboard! Some of the members wanted to have a go this time, which was nice until Jen realised she'd forgotten the pedal...

The tie breaker for the trophies was between John and Chris - guaranteed trophy but who was 2nd or 3rd?

We started a little late due to the pedal, but we just about got our result before "lunch" as promised!
They had to do a speedrun on SNES online's Super Mario World. It was about the first person to get to Ghost House I and complete it. Chris did it, although it was the second attempt as John accidentally reset his level!

It was a bit more of a relaxed event this time, and we wanted to get Just Dance 2020 out - In January NNW will be doing its first ever (own) Charity event, in aid of Alzheimer's UK, in conjunction with Ubisoft and NPUK!

We will be doing a sponsored dance, a cake sale and a Guess How Many Sweets competition, with all proceeds going to the charity!
(We tasked people with picking songs for the playlists - List A "memes" and List B "party" - We'll be refining them ready for the event.)
In the mean time please get sharing and donate to our JustGiving page from the link here:

We had a break for lunch, then we got started with the big Quiz!
Like last year, we had the option to enter as a pair or solo. The prize was a big £40 of eShop if solo, but the pair split it £20 each.
Everyone gave themselves a team name and most were in pairs. There were 45 questions. 5 of which were music, 10 about amiibo, 10 eyes, and the rest were multiple choice.
It was "Quiz Done Differently" after all!

The music round only had 5 pieces this time, but we'd done those differently too. How? Here's the full video:

(credit to Rhodri. 1. Sad Tetris, 2. Song of Storms backwards 3. Brewster's Roost in the minor key 4. Dr. Mario (Fever) with some notes missing 5. Portal- Still Alive.

Dylan went through the answers while Jen marked the papers. There was also various freeplay happening, and a corner of people watching an important football match... (Smash was the main feature for the secondary big screen though.)

Just Dance was back on too! Quite a few did a session with that, trying out various songs! It looked like great fun, and hopefully we can create a flash mob idea in January ;) (P.S you don't even have to be able to dance, it's all for the fun!)

Finally, we got to the trophy presentation. James had the 1st place, Chris had 2nd and John took 3rd. This year all the trophies were 3 different shapes.
We did our usual trophy winners photo, plus the one where 1st place has to stand on a chair because they're too short compared to the others! 

The Quiz winners were Rizzo's Rangers (Cat & Chris) with Missing George and Ringo (John and Paul) not far behind! 

Since the raffle was all wrapped up (just to be different) it was more like a lucky dip! We had a 10 second rule (not that we counted) just to stop people dithering...

The raffle was great fun! John made a beeline for what ended up being two of the more "joke" prizes. Rhodri was made up with his giant green shell plush and Cat found the hidden eShop credit! 

and of course...
We finished with our full group photo!

Join us on Saturday 11th January for our big Just Dance Charity event!