Sunday, 8 September 2019

Stare-Tember: Luigi's Revenge! 07/09/19

People were eager to get some practice for the Mario Kart tournament in, so they were straight on the big screen/tabletop modes with a game as soon as we set up the room!

We'd announced the tournament but not what the rules were, as people were assuming all over the place so we decided to keep them guessing...

we had a fabulous blue shell plush as the star prize in our raffle this time (as well as some other cool prizes!) :D

Of course, we started the event itself with round 1 of the "Games Done Differently" league session. 
Round 1 was Dr. Luigi on the long forgotten Wii U!
With Dr. Mario World having recently come out for smartphones, it seemed a good nod towards it, except people who had played it were so used to the sequences, the L shaped ones were sort of jarring...
And can you believe it, some people had never even played Dr. Mario at all!! :o

The rounds seemed to speed up after the first few, and then we hurtled straight on to the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournament! 

We had 26 entrants, which since the first round was a battle tournament, we split the groups into even numbers: an 8, an 8 and a 10. 
Each group had to do the "random battle" which meant 5 games in a random order. (Each for their own except obviously cops and robbers.)

The top 4 from each group got through to the next round, which was a mirror tournament with frantic items. 

This was supposed to be a straightforward 6 races, but one of the players accidentally(!) quit the group after the 2nd race. After a discussion it was decided not to restart, but to do it in two parts, which meant admin had to use their mental arithmetic skills at speed once again :P 3 races, then 3 races. The top 4 advanced in to the final. 

Before the final 4 took each other on, we did round 2 of the league. 
The 2nd game was Smash Ultimate, but done differently of course!
This time, it was set to only Mario Kart items, and randomised between the mario kart stages. Everyone had to play as Piranha Plant too! 

and then we ended with the final of the Mario Kart tournament, which was a 200cc, and 6 races. 
It was tense, and the results were ridiculously close (not including the Mole who was way out in front.) 2nd, 3rd and 4th only had one point difference between each of them!
Top 2 won the eShop prizes! £20 and £10 respectively.

We finished the main event with the tie breaker for the league, which was just between Chris and Drn. They played the original Dr. Mario on the Wii U. Chris took the victory here.

James is still in the lead overall though, with a big fight for 2nd and 3rd place. It's all to play for as there's only ONE session left! ooh! (16 November, don't miss it!)

And of course, we finished on time, but not before our group photo, some random nerf guns and a chaos (NNW 2) team photo :)