Sunday, 14 April 2019

The Great Yoshi Egg Hunt! 13/04/19

We decided that since this (mini) meet was so close to Easter, as well as the fact that Yoshi's Crafted World had just been released, we may as well do a FREE Easter Egg Hunt!

The event itself was 12-5, but we started setting up at our usual time of 10. We had an awful lot of egg tokens to hide after all! (+ 6 Yoshis!)

We were also selling Easter themed cakes - dark crispie, milk chocolate shredded wheat nests and cornflake cakes for 50p each.

The egg tokens ranged from "XL to XS" and were coloured according to their rareness. This time, the biggest egg (bronze) was the star prize, and the XS size ones were the more common light green and light blue colour. (and won you a creme egg or similar size) The 6 Yoshis got you a Lindt or Cadbury bunny, but if you found "Fat Yoshi" you got a slightly bigger Lindt bunny!

There were rule sheets spread across the room, and we made sure people had read them before they started.
If you wanted to enter you had to show Jen a Yoshi "thing". Get the go ahead, then take said Yoshi thing on the hunt with you.
We had a few amiibo, some plushies, a CD case, and some figures of varying sizes.

People were allowed in from 11.30, but for fairness, once people had been signed up, we waited until 12 before we started, so that everyone entering had a fair chance.

We also started with a bit of Yoshi's Crafted World on the big screen.

There was a limit of up to 3, so that everyone had a fair chance of finding at least something.

before we kicked off, we had a group photo with all the yoshi things :) (John came in 30 seconds later and missed the photo though...)

The whole thing mainly took half an hour, and we let the last couple of people keep going as the rest had their limit. We hope that certain people remember how important sportsmanship is in our community.. :)

When the last few gave up, everyone got one more shot no matter what they'd won already...

...but there were 5 that just couldn't be found. (1S and 4 XS)
With the XS tokens being only just bigger than a 5p piece, it was supposed to be a challenge.
People did keep looking, but no luck.
Looking at Jen for clues, Jen realised that she'd forgotten where she'd hidden them, so her and Emma went round checking places to see if they could find any! (we found 3/5 so gave hints for people to find them)

In the end, those two "unknown" ones are apparently still in the room somewhere. I wonder when/if we'll ever find them...!

The rest of the day was dedicated to freeplay like the rest of our mini meets. We saw a 12 player Mario Kart LAN session, plenty of Smash Ultimate, Baba is You, Blazblue Crosstag battle, Ultimate Chicken Horse and lots more!

A group of Pokémon GO players also popped out because it was another community day, for catching Bagon!

Thanks to all those who made it, we hope you had fun! :)

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