Monday, 2 July 2018

Mario Tennis Aces – Bringing SW19 to LL57! 02/07/18

A messy start with an exploding bottle of lemonade, and some of our regulars beat us to the venue, meaning there was a slight queue for the car park, oops!

Once we'd got into the venue, the first thing we had to do was open ALL the windows! It was a really hot day, and although the room is spacious, there's no air con!

With Wimbledon starting on the Monday and our Tennis theme, at the request of one member, we had some strawberries about! (both fresh and sweets)
There were also donuts, cake bites and biscuits, but they all went quite quickly! 

Once we got set up, a few new faces arrived, both local and from further afield :D
The younger ones got going with a game of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on one of the big screens.

We had a mario tennis themed raffle, including Build-a-Bear Mario and a big tennis ball...

We kicked off the event properly with round 1 of our team league: Pacman Championship Edition 2 Plus. 

A few of the guys owned it, and most people at least knew the concept of Pacman, even if they weren't expecting this particular Pacman to be part of an over-excited rave edition!
Working together in pairs, they had to collect all the pellets in the mazes, defeat the ghosts, and if they were lucky enough they reached the boss levels for even more points! The points ranged from 800,000 to over 1.5m!

Some managed to get a quick practice in...

Next up was the Mario Tennis Aces tournament. Due to time and numbers we had to do single elimination, so sorry to those who only got one shot before getting knocked out!
(If we have more junior players in the future, we hope to run a junior tournament alongside the main one!)

While the tournament was happening, some guys played 1,2, Switch, there was a corner for Super Smash Brothers for Wii U (thanks to Ben for providing) and also a rather serious looking Splatoon corner!

We broke off the Tennis tournament before the final 8, to slot in Round 2 of the league, which was Overcooked: Special Edition.

A lot of people love Overcooked, but a few hate it too! No matter what opinions were, it's a fantastic team game when you work together properly ;)

There was a lot of giggles from the audience and all of the pairs were good sports. Most matches had clear wins though, with the exception of one!
(Promise we won't do an Overcooked 2 tournament at a main meet ...!)

Back to Tennis Aces, and things started to get a bit more tense once we got down to the final 4.
We had Dennis v Tim, and Jack v Dan.
Jack and Tim were against each other in the final, and they agreed between them to pick random characters! Jack was Yoshi and Tim was Luigi!

Jack ended up taking the victory :)
1st place won £20 eShop credit, and 2nd place took £10 eShop credit.

We ended the main competitions with round 3 of the league: Super Smash Brothers for 3DS.

At the end, of course the winning team battles it out for the eShop credit. We had a tie though, so John and Dennis, Drn and Benji fought it out on Smash Run. 
Drn won the session!

Cat won the most wanted Build-a-Bear Mario, and the tennis ball got left until last, but was won by Dan! 
We finished off with our usual group photo :)

Thank you to all those who made it, and hopefully see you again either at our next big event on Saturday 11th August, or one day in the future (if you're from far away ;) )