Monday, 4 September 2017

Mario & Rabbids: Blowout! 02/09/17

With it being the same weekend as Scifi Wales, we decided that we'd just have a sort of mini meet to mark the release of Mario and Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

It was nice to be able to use our favourite venue though, so we made the most of it by putting on a Super Bomberman R tournament and also had a mini Animal Crossing raffle.

There was lots of freeplay, starting with Mario and Rabbids: Kingdom Battle on the big screen:

followed later by Flipwars, Overcooked and a bit of De Mambo.
On the tabletop we saw a few rounds of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a bit of Zelda BOTW.
Table top MK8D

We saw a couple of new faces this time, which was great for a mini meet! :)
We even had some holidaymakers who wanted recommendations for which games to buy for the little boy who'd be getting a Switch for his birthday when he got home!

The Bomberman tournament saw top 2 go through each time, and then whoever won the final got to gamble their winnings and take on Dylan (Self professed Bomberman Champion)

It was a close one between Kieron and Jack, but Jack ended up winning and then gambling his eShop credit. 
It wasn't in vain, although the whole Bomberman tournament had been incredibly tense (especially for an "informal" meet!)

Jack and Dylan were pretty much level, and it came down to the last game...

Jack just pinched the victory, so his £20 eShop credit became £40, and Dylan has lost his title!!

Of course we ended with our group photo, although we'll save our "new merch" photo until next time - everyone was so excited to see the new stuff, the colours have come out really well! :D 

Our next event is a big one on Saturday 7th October! It will be Metroid themed and feature things from the newly released SNES mini!
See you there :)