Tuesday, 28 March 2017

SPNW & BUMPS present: Pokémon Sun/Moon Collaboration 26/03/17

I think we all just about remembered that the clocks went forward on Sunday morning, but we also started at the later time of 12. Sorry to those who missed it due to it also being Mothers' Day too, hopefully Easter won't be in such an awkward place next year!

Arriving at 11 to set up, we then chilled out with some freeplay – a bit of 1-2-Switch and then Super Bomberman R on the big screen.

We also featured the N64 as our league session:

The prizes were quite sought after this time too, as we not only had a Build-a-Bear Charmander, but also an exclusive Japanese plush: Datrix. (The pods were also exclusively from Japan) - thanks to Jack for those!
The Plush Gameboy was also from our old favourite: Tavington Crafts. 

We also had some Pokémon Goodies left over from past events, to pass on to anyone who missed out or were new :)

We asked some of our regular members if they'd kindly supply any Zelda-themed amiibo too, so that those who were playing Breath of the Wild had the option to scan them into their games. 

BUMPS took charge of the TGC, and we ran the main tournament and obviously the league session.
We didn't have as many people as usual, but we still made it work - and in actual fact, it meant that we still finished on time by the end! 

The first league round was old classic Mario Kart 64. This was the only "expected" game, as we hadn't revealed the other two.

There were groups of 3 or 4, and they raced 4 tracks across 4 cups:

Kalamari Desert, Toad's Turnpike, Sherbet Land and Yoshi Valley. It seemed that most were so used to the more modern versions of Mario Kart, they'd forgotten how to drive on the more retro version! 

We got the TCG set up then, led by Natasha of BUMPS. People seemed a bit wary of the TCG as the last time we played it was 2 collaborations/years ago, therefore we only had 4 entrants in the end, but this was OK as a single round could take an unspecified amount of time! 

The TCG carried on, and we were originally going to run the main Sun/Moon Tournament at the same time, but due to the smaller group and the fact that most competitors overlapped, we decided to wait for the TCG to finish before we did the main tournament.

Derwen from SPNW took 1st place, and Beth from BUMPS took 2nd. (Winning a pack of booster cards, and a plush of choice respectively. Beth got first pick from Jigglypuff, Lapras, Charizard Pikachu and Shiny Magikarp. She chose the Pikachu.) 

Whilst the TCG was still happening, we got on with Round 2 of the League. This is the one that people were trying to guess. We'd said that it was a "popular favourite" back in the day, so we had guesses like Smash Brawl, Pokémon Stadium and Goldeneye.
It had to be Goldeneye! Some were happy about that, others seemed less so!

Of course like the old times, we banned Oddjob, although Paintball mode could've been fun ;)
The mode we ended up with was 5 minutes, normal scenario, random level and pistols only. 

We had a bit of  a gap waiting for the TCG, so a couple of people decided to freeplay Goldeneye, but with Slappers Only. Rhys had set it to first to 5 points though, and we quickly realised that would have taken forever!

John then had a go on Super Mario 64, and we laughed at the fact that this game cartridge had never been completed. Typical of the games in Jen's collection! :)

It was time to get the main tournament underway. Due to it being on the small side again, we did 4 rounds of Swiss and then a Top Cut of 4. 

There were quite a few regular members who hadn't signed up for the main Pokémon Tournament, so we set up freeplay Super Bomberman R again as an alternative, and welcomed a new guy, before inviting him to join in. He seemed a little perplexed at first, but got into the craziness of it pretty quickly! 

The final round of the league featured Lylat Wars (Star Fox) which was the "mystery" game. We gave people chance to try it out for the controls beforehand, just while the Pokémon Tournament was concluding. 

Jack took victory in the Pokémon Tournament and bagged £20 eShop, Drn took 2nd place and chose the Shiny Magikarp plush as his prize. 

One member got really unlucky and crashed out in the last few seconds of the game - until then he had a winning score of 9, which would have given him first place. Because he'd done so well, we honoured his score (as it didn't affect the final scores of the league for that day.)

After that round was done with, we ended up with a 3 way tie for top place, between John, Derwen and Drn. 

We figured the best way for a tiebreaker was to get Mario Kart 64 out again, but on battle mode. After Dylan asked which stage, he chose the only one that no one had shouted: Skyscraper!

John took the victory overall (again) and won the £20 of eShop credit. 

We then did the prizes and raffle. 
The favourites were obviously between the Charmander and the Datrix. 
Well done to Chan for winning the Charmander, and Beth for grabbing the Datrix! Well done to everyone else who won something too :)

And of course we had our usual group photo at the end. (one of the non-gamers did make it back in time this time, so credit to Lee for the photo! :) )

A final thank you to BUMPS for being our collaborators once again, and particularly to Natasha for supporting us on the day and running the TCG/providing the first prize. 
Thanks to Bar Uno for great food/service and letting us use the space again.

Also welcome to the new faces we saw, and hope to see you again at a future event!

Don't forget that SPNW's next event will take place in Pontio on Saturday 6th May, 11am-5pm. (see StreetPass North Wales' Facebook Page for more details!)

Sunday, 5 March 2017

SPNW: Breath of the Switch! 04/03/17

We tried a new venue this time - It was upstairs in the Wheldon Building (Bangor University) - Much more space and easier to access, so we certainly hope to use this one again!
It's upstairs though so just be aware of this if this venue is used again.

This event was to celebrate the launch of the latest Nintendo console - the Nintendo Switch. The idea of this console is that it serves as both a home console and a portable. Perfect for events like ours!

We had freeplay for Zelda: Breath of the Wild on all day on the 2nd main screen, with our usual layout of main tournament (1 2 Switch), league (SNES), 3DS challenge and raffle.

The raffle prizes were strictly Zelda themed this time:

Of course most people were eyeing up the Guardian amiibo!

We started at 11am with our usual sign ups. 

A few people got started with some freeplay 1 2 Switch on the main screen, while others got straight into playing tabletop mode with their Switches. (A lot of Super Bomberman R was heard, along with some Breath of the Wild.)

11.30am was Round 1 of SPGL Retro - starting with Super Mario Kart.

Most were so used to playing the more modern versions, they struggled with just keeping on the track, especially in Ghost Valley 2. The other tracks featured were Mario Circuit 2 and Donut Plains 3.

2 players - a straight win got 5-1 points, but a more even match would get 3-2. 

Next was the 1 2 Switch Tournament. We had 5 round Swiss, with top 8 going through to a knockout tournament.

Round 1: 

"Ball Count" - Really show off the HD Rumble of the Joy-Cons, and also needed a lot of concentration according to some of the faces we saw! 

Round 2:

"Telephone" - You had to be the first to answer the phone, BUT only to the correct tone! 
One pair got disqualified by the game as they forgot what the original tone sounded like!
Another pair (featured), Kieron managed to punch the table as he answered.... ouch? 

Round 3: 
People were used to "Quick Draw" and this one was widely seen on previews, however "Fake Draw" put a twist on it, giving you random words like "fork" and "five" to try and fool you!
We think this particular go was a bit harsh though :P

Round 4:

"Treasure Chest" was up next, and all they had to do was unravel the chains the quickest to get the treasure. 

Round 5: 

"Safe Crack" required a bit more precision, and to sense the different vibrations coming from the joy con.

After the Swiss bit was done with, we switched back over to round 2 of the league: Street Fighter II. 
Most people hadn't actually played it before, so Dylan went to the effort of providing two copies of the instructions...

Upon trying to work out the top cut for the finals of the 1 2 Switch Tournament, we had a 3 way tie for 8th position. 
The first tie breaker we chose "Soda Shake", which eliminated Dale.

The second tie breaker was "Gorilla" which eliminated Katie. 

The final 8 faced 3 more rounds, each in pairs.
The Quarter Final was "Wizard", where each person had to attack with their wands, as well as counter attack.

The final 4 then faced a session on "Runway". Nick and Drn were enthusiastic to say the least!

The final was Nick vs Jade on "Air Guitar"

Jade took the victory without question!

1st Prize was a copy of 1 2 Switch, with 2nd prize being £20 of eShop credit. 
Since Jade already owned the game, her and Nick agreed to swap prizes, so everything worked out quite neatly :)

We had a bit of a gap afterwards, so some of the later arrivals (and earlier knockouts) went back to freeplay of 1 2 Switch, and quite a few fancied trying "Runway" after the previous show!

The final Round of the league ensued with Bomberman, It was supposed to be 4 players, but due a technical hitch it ended up being two players. It was still fine, but one pair's game was threatening to take a while when they both kept killing each other simultaneously!

We were ahead of schedule, so we allowed for freeplay back on the main screen, with Super Bomberman R being set up. (6 player, no less!)
We found it was slightly laggy in local play, but 4 player seemed ok when one player (and console) dropped out. 

Due to the set up, and the fact that the console went through the computer screen to access the projector, Dylan was able to join in from his screen too!

We then carried on the prize giving and the raffle.
Well done for Rhys for winning the coveted Guardian amiibo, and to everyone else who won prizes today!

We then finished with our traditional group photo, although everyone wanted to be in it (The non gamers/mothers hadn't returned yet) so we ended up with two group pictures, one taken by Jen and one taken by Chan! 

Thanks to all those who made it over today, welcome to the new faces, and hopefully see you all again soon! (Look out on our social media channels to be kept up to date with future events and news :) )