Friday, 28 October 2016

The Paper Mario Musical Megamix 22/10/16

Back in our usual venue of the Academi Cinema Room, we got set up firstly with the new Paper Mario Colour Splash game, but since it was one player, most people kicked off the day with a round of the Mario Party Star Rush Game. We managed to get two groups of four going.
John and Dylan played some of the Paper Mario in the mean time.

This time we had no major tournament, as the games that came out this month were more about the social or single player side, so instead we set up 3 challenges, and had our usual 3 round league session.

The 3 challenges were:
1) Fastest Time on the Rolling Mountain Course in StreetPass Slot Racer
2) Highest Score on "Trials and Tribulations" on Mario Party Star Rush
3) Highest Score on "First Contact" on Rhythm Paradise Megamix.

All challenges people were allowed to attempt as many times as they liked, but they could only submit their tries max 10 times. 

Arrival was at 11am, but most people came slightly early and got stuck into their mario party games.
We did the name draws for the first round of the league just after 12pm.

The first round was "Rocket Launch" from Beat the Beat. Any members who were there the previous summer will have remembered that Beat the Beat was used as one of the main tournaments for the last music themed event.
It was 1 v 1, and every score counted. At the end the group was split into 4 parts and points were divided proportionately. 

Some got straight on with the challenges!
Even though some didn't own all the games, I let people borrow my console to attempt any of them. (Earnt me a lot of coins for Megamix, thanks guys! ;) )

It was quite evident early on that James had won the Mario Party Challenge with a score of 597. No one even came close!

The Slot Racer and Megamix ones were a lot closer though, and carried on right until the deadline of 4.30pm.

 In between rounds, people either nipped across to Asda for food, or played Remix 10 on Beat the Beat. Nearly everyone in the room gave that remix a go, some more than once! 

 Due to more people now having to work weekends, we had a few had to leave halfway through, and others joined halfway through, but as far as competitors went, we had at least 14 for every round. Total attendees were about 24. It was nice to briefly see a couple of new faces, and one of the families popped in to say "hi" too :)

 Round 2 was old classic "Donkey Konga".
Again 1v1, with proportionate scores split across the 4 parts. The tunes selected were at "random" but people didn't seem to mind.

This was particularly fantastic when half the room started singing along to the tunes that were picked!
I only managed to get 30 seconds of "all Star" though, and almost missed little Sean trying to play one of the competitor's bongos!!

Round 3 was the newest game - Megamix. Mine or Dylan's consoles had to host most of the 4 player groups as hardly anyone had got the game yet.
4 players took on the "Pattern Play" challenge, and points were awarded depending on the total of each of their individual score accumulated throughout the three rounds.

As the deadline came up for the challenges, we realised there was a 4-way tie on the Megamix Challenge. Jack, Kieron, Nick AND Cat all got 95 points and no one could seem to beat it!
We had to choose a tie breaker, so because Jack also owned the game, I had to pick a game that I knew he hadn't played yet. (I was slightly further ahead in the game.)
I chose "Blue Bear" as the tie breaker, and told the guys not to let on to the others which game it was, so they were all doing it as brand new. They only got one shot too (after the mini practice at the beginning)
Cat took the final victory with a score of 90!

The league session produced some interesting results, leading to the top 3 on the table having just 2 points between them, with John and Jack on 63, and Kieron on 61.

When it came to the prizes and the raffle, Cat did the best out of the eShop credit, winning both the Megamix Challenge and the league session!
John won the Slot Racer, and of course James won the Slot Racer challenge.
Much to everyone's groans and slight bemusement, the top two raffle prizes were won by two of the guys who had to leave early! The third one had gone already too, but he'd left his tickets with a friend.
Didn't stop everyone hanging around at the end though, JUST to see the Boo amiibo glow in the dark!!

We also had a special mario kart auction which was won by Phoebe :)

We of course finished the day off with our customary group photo!

Thanks to all who made it!
The next event will likely be to mark the release of the new Pokemon games, and our next BIG event will be Saturday 10th December where we conclude this year's league: SPGL Athlon and award trophies to the top 3 :)

Best of luck to you all!