Monday, 11 July 2016

Summer of Colour! 09/07/16

Back in our favourite summer venue, Bar Uno did not disappoint!

We got access right on time, and got set up fairly quickly, so that some of the early arrivals could get on with some freeplay. Runbow was the game of choice!

People arriving sort of meandered in, after it had transpired that half of them had been hunting Pokémon on the way up, via the latest app "Pokémon GO!" - we're all eagerly awaiting the official release of the accompanying watch too!

We had a few latecomers, as trains were delayed, and the weather wasn't great either!
We held off the start of the first competition, to allow for latecomers.

The SPGL Athlon session theme was "Rainbow". Sounds ambiguous?? That's because it was..!
With people assuming we'd be doing Mario Kart Rainbow Road, we let them assume. (Too obvious you say?)

Round 1 started with "Runbow" which was another obvious, but also known choice.

After the freeplay had up to 7 players, the 4 player one didn't seem too daunting. It proved a popular game, as throughout the day, people kept popping on the freeplay version!

Mario Strikers Charged was next on the agenda, and people also took the chance to grab food from the bar. With tribute to the Euro 2016 cup, and the history that Wales had made earlier in the week, we thought it entirely fitting!

Every pair was allowed to try out a practice run first, as bar 3 people, no one had actually played it before. It seemed only fair to put two of the more experienced ones against each other in the first round, and also first up to show people how it should be done! Obviously that meant that one of the "good" players got knocked out early, but thankfully they understood.
We had 14 entrants to the main tournament.

The football tournament went on a bit longer than planned - half because more people turned up than we initially expected (Which was awesome by the way!) and half because people kept nipping out to hunt for Pokémon!!

After realising we were running a bit later than usual, we warned people, and by the time Round 2 of the league was under way, we checked if anyone had to rush home, and adjusted the matches accordingly.

Round 2 of the league session was Splatoon - Turf War. We did explain to people that it was all about how much you painted, and not about necessarily killing the other person. (It was 1 v 1 across the internet, similar to how we did it in our Splatton event last August!)
Some people made a pact before the match, not to kill each other. Most notable were our two higher players, Jack and John. They ended up pitched against each other by chance, and both agreed not to kill each other during the match. Jack's face was a picture when  he accidentally splatted John with a "poorly aimed" inkstrike!
Didn't matter in the end though, because John won that round with quite a large margin of paint! 

We didn't have any time left at all, so we got straight on to round 3, which was the mystery of the day.
De Blob was a familiar title to some, but a completely unheard of title to others. Dylan explained that it was similar to Splatoon in a way, but you used your character's body to paint, rather than a tool! 
People had great fun playing it, although it was a shame that a few had to miss out due to having to catch buses etc. 

The league session's winner was John.... again! He really is #Johnwinseverything... ! 
He's given himself a strong lead over the others, but who knows next time, the gap may much more narrow!

We rounded off with the usual prize giving and raffle draw, with one of our newcomers winning our coveted Splatoon squid cushion. 

We had our usual group photo with the guys who were left though :)

Gwydyr Geek showed up for the first time, and did an interview with both the hosts. It was nice to see a couple of new faces along with some more familiar faces. We were amazed at the turnout for such a grey day, and hope that everyone can make it to the next event on Sunday 14th August! (There will be space for Pokémon GO still, and maybe even a watch in the raffle! Keep an eye on social media to find out more. )