Sunday, 28 February 2016

Blast into 2016 with SPNW! 27/02/2016

We got set up in plenty of time, in our usual place of Academi cinema room! We had bomberman (and later Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games) on the big screen, with a smaller screen and Wii U (with assorted games) in the back corner. We also had an "art" table in the middle of the room.

It quickly transpired that Dylan's Bomberman skills were a force to be reckoned with, so various members hopped on to the main console to rise to the challenge before the main competitions kicked off!

Quite a few people had brought their art entries along to the event, whilst others gave it a go in the event itself. The contest was to come up with a new evolution for your favourite Pokémon character.
Here were the entries:

There were quite a few opporunities for freeplay in between the main events, so people played NEO Fast Racing, Mario Kart 8, Devil's 3rd, New Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U; and on 3DS, a lot of people were playing the newly available Virtual Console version of Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow. (And of course on going "trying to beat Dylan" on Bomberman on the main screen, mostly on SNES.)

The main competition kicked off at 12 with Round 1 of Bomberman, This took place on the Wii, It was "Open Field, 2 minutes, first to 3". Revenge was also on, but not everyone could work out how to use it! 
In one game, Cat did actually manage to use "revenge" to get back in the game :P 

Would you believe it though, a few people had never actually played Bomberman?! :o

We had a small gap and then drew names for the Olympics. Upon turning the game on, the memory seemed to have gone from the game, so cue a moment of panic! A couple of members quickly unlocked everything while others nipped out for, or had their lunch! 
Once everything was sorted again, we got on with the main competition. 

Round 1 was running & hurdles, with the top 2 going through each time.

Round 2 was Trampolining

Round 3 was "Dream Race"

And the Final was Rowing, followed by Skeet.

Jack took the victory, with John 2nd. 

We had another small gap for freeplay, and then got on with Round 2 of the League Session.
Bomberman DS, for 4 players. 
This mode was for 3 minutes, first to 3, no revenge or slots, and the "Tunnels" stage. 
Bit more tense than round one, with people lurking in tunnels or forgetting where people were hiding!

Round 3 of the league was on the favourite version: SNES - Bomberman 2.
Again, 4 player, but 2 minutes and no G Bomber. Stage 10! 
This proved to be hilarious as soon as people discovered the fun of throwing bouncing rubber bombs!! 

We were worried that we were going to run out of time because the first group just couldn't seem to get anywhere!

Thankfully someone eventually got their 3 though, and the other two groups got through theirs fairly quickly.

We ended up with a tie between John and Kieron, so they played it off on the Duel Stage to see who would win the session's eShop credit. Well done to Kieron!

We just about had enough time to do the prizes as normal, with these prizes to win too.
We awarded eShop credit to the winners, and congratulated Derwen on his fantastic psychic Pokémon creation!

We had our customary group photo, and also announced the cake contest for the next event ;) 

It was the day of #Pokémon20 too, so we marked it with the art for now, but our next event on SUNDAY 3rd April will be the proper celebration, featuring Pokkén and ORAS, as well as fantastic raffle prizes to grab! :D