Monday, 19 October 2015

Pokémon BattleMaster Qualifier 2015! 18/10/2015

We were able to set up from 10, which was ideal and ran smoothly. It allowed the early arrivals to have some freeplay on Mario Maker, Runbow and Smash, before all the official sign ups happened between 11 and 11.30. Due to the nature of the event being a qualifier, and the lack of space due to layout, we had the cut off point for 11.30am sign ups so that we were able to check Pokémon teams were all legal and sort out groups for the final Smash league session.

Just after 11.30 was SPGL Smash Session Round 1 - This was a wild card, and it was very unusual at that! Dylan had decided to do a Target Blast, and end results would be grouped into 3 or 4 for assigning points. People had until 4pm to submit their scores. People were allowed to attempt it as many times as long as they showed their entries as they did them.
Cat aced this challenge with a massive high score of 632000!!!

We kicked off the main Pokémon qualifier at 12pm, with a nice round 12 entrants. We had a couple of people from Manchester, and some familiar faces from previous years, as well as our regulars. Competition was friendly, with more serious matches being very tense and in places taking quite a while!

We did 5 rounds of Swiss, all best of 3. Unfortunately 2 people had to leave early, so forfeited their places in the qualifier.
The two matches we were waiting for at the end just happened to be the same people (and set up) for the top cut.

Due to there only being 12 (now 10) participants in the session, we decided to do a top cut of 4. This was also best of 3 but was single elimination.

We also ran a mini Happy Home Designer competition to design a StreetPass themed house.

Only 3 people entered, but we had a similar pattern, with some doing mock car parks in the front; most including tables facing each other for multiplayer games, and arcade machines in the corners. One had a slightly sinister second room which looked like it had been scrawled in blood: #Johnwinseverything. (Thanks for that John :P )
Since there were only three and there were three packs of amiibo cards to win, we decided to give one to each of the entrants, as well as 2 free Special cards to start them off with their collections.

Round 2 of Smash was the For Glory one (on the Wii U), and Round 3 happened after the Swiss rounds but before the Top cut of Pokémon.

Freeplay Smash also happened in between rounds while the Pokémon tournament was happening. There was a parictularly weird picture that had everyone in fits of giggles though!

Round 3 was the themed one (Wii U) which meant that people had to be either Villager or a Pokémon Character, on an Animal Crossing Stage, in a coins battle.

We had our Top Cut players fighting for the qualifying positions which would send them to Manchester for the final next month. As soon as the top two were decided, they opted to call it quits, so we just had qualifiers and non-qualifiers! the unlucky ones went away with limited edition Pikachu cosplay badges; and the qualifiers got their certificates and a plush each.

The raffles prizes were different this time too - we had TWO raffles, because we know that the Pokémon fans weren't always a fan of Animal Crossing and vice versa, so we had yellow tickets for Animal Crossing, and blue tickets for Pokémon. Star prize was for the Pokémon league badges, and the Animal Crossing Raffle had 3 custom made plushes, some more fanastic creations from Tavington Crafts! People were allowed to enter both but it was quite obvious that nearly everyone wanted some of those badges.

Most anti-climatic raffle ever though, as the person who won the star prize had had to leave early, so we had to just put it to the side, and let others pick the remaining prizes!

We still had our customary group photo, but we were missing a few people by then, so that was a shame!

Another fun day was had by all, and of course we'll be doing a more informal Pokémon event hopefully in the spring again. Our next official event is on Saturday 5th December, and will be our final main one for 2015!!

Welcome to the few newcomers we had too - hope to see you again! :D

Please also help us support the charity "Stop Hunger" with the Retro Rewind guys in Llandudno on 22nd November in our "StreetPass Zone"!!

Photo credits: Jen, Mrs. Roberts, Tom Plater, Cat Reilly