Sunday, 18 January 2015

Mini Meet #11 - "Workout" 17/01/15

First meet of the year, but due to being in the middle of the exam period for the University, we weren't expecting too many people!

We had quite a good turnout at 13, with most people actually joining in with "Just Dance 2015"
Some fun was had, but particular highlights were Red unexpectedly beating Leonie,  Drn singing "Let it Go", and half the group doing the Macarena and the Muppets' Song.

Amongst the dancing and singing, there was also Super Smash Bros Wii U in the corner of the room, so that one of our qualifiers was able to practice a bit for the final which is taking place next week. some joined him for some 1v1, but as the afternoon progressed it turned into 4 or 5 player, and a few amiibo made an appearance too.

There was a brief proud moment when Jen managed to beat her own Pikachu amiibo to 1st place in a 5 player battle! (Especially considering it nearly won the whole amiibo tournament before Christmas!)

Once everyone had had enough of the dancing, we set up Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, and there was a couple of 4 player rounds which tired a few out!

The session finished with two of the attendees playing Punch-Out on the big screen, and some on the Smash at the back.

As always, people seemed to have lots of fun, and some have already got a few ideas for our special Mask competition which will end at our next big event on the 21st February.

In the meantime, the anticipation for the New 3DS and Majora's Mask is so high, especially as a couple of members already had the New 3DS Ambassador Edition to show around.