Tuesday, 5 August 2014

MiiVision (Summer Holiday in North Wales!) 02/08/2014

The main event took place on the Saturday, but because some were coming from further afield we made a weekend of it.

The StreetPass East Midlands crew came up on Friday and stayed over on Anglesey for two nights, so Dylan and I had a mini meet with them for tea in the Antelope (by the Menai Bridge)
Having a last minute parcel due between 8-9pm meant that I had to be back at the house to receive it, so the group moved back onto Anglesey for some Nintendo Land fun!

Everyone else arrived for the Saturday event - The hosts and helpers arrived from 10am with people gradually making their way through the entrance with the official opening at 12pm. There was slight hiccup when it transpired that we had forgotten to pack the power cable for the Wii! Dylan nipped home to get it, and the rest of us carried on putting batteries in remotes and moving tables around!
In the end, we had the Mario Kart 8 screen on the right through the entrance, and Smash Brothers Brawl in the far left corner. Down the middle by the seating we also placed our giant AR card; and finally just by the entrance we put our raffle and cupcake tables :)


The raffle prizes were plentiful this time, including a Wonderful 101 standee which was signed by the director Hideki Kamiya. We also had an official hardback game guide for Super Mario 3D world, a Yoshi plush, a pikmin hat, £20 of eShop credit, a Mario Kart wheel, 2x boxes of cupcakes and the obligatory pikmin keyring. We of course used our usual special item box to draw out numbers (and earlier, peoples' names for the tournaments.)

We let people settle in, as food orders had to be in between 12 and 3. People were munching and getting on with some mini games in smaller groups. There were free play opportunities on Smash Brothers Brawl as well as Mario Kart 8, but quite a few ended up playing "Tetris Online"!

Originally, we were supposed to kick the tournaments themselves off at ~1pm, but we had word that StreetPass Manchester/Portsmouth were stuck en route and ended up having to do a sizeable Detour towards Liverpool! We ended up starting the tournaments at 2pm instead, as I didn't want them to miss out on the chance of competing! Obviously this meant that everything else was slightly tighter on time, but I was assured by the other hosts that things would work out fine! A few of the other StreetPass Founders were actually surprised we usually stuck to a schedule at all!!

Unfortunately a couple of our local regular members had to leave the event early, but they managed to get some raffle tickets bought and both of them actually ended up winning a prize each too!

Throughout the day, there was the Mario Kart 7 Time Trial, which was based on Alpine Pass. Suzanne ran away with the fatest lap by over 10 seconds compared to 2nd place! For that she won our Mario Kart "Scalextric" kit and a certificate to mark her success!

Quite a few people entered both the Mario Kart and Smash Brothers tournaments, and essentially they happened at the same time, so were slightly staggered. We had to hold fire on one of the rounds though, as two of the competitors had to nip out to fetch their hire car! In the meantime, Dylan had left me with his notepad, and instead of writing the competitor's name, he'd put "Pikachu". That was awkward when I called out "who's Pikachu?!"
We also had a three-way joint 2nd so had to do a retake of one round of Smash Brothers.

Mario Kart was particularly amusing to watch, as we had chosen to do a Mirror Mode Tournament, and of course upon starting the tournament everyone had forgotten, so were all over the tracks for the first races or so! There were a couple of rounds where various Founders were up against each other, so that got particular attention from the rest of us ;)

In the end though, Suzanne of London walked away with 1st place; James Bowden of SP Manchester/UK took 2nd, our own Chan took 3rd, and Tony of SP East Midlands took 4th.

Smash Brothers was a lot more brief as each match was limited to 2 minutes. However, James Bowden walked away with 1st place for that glory!

When the two aforementioned competitors nipped out, we had a gap to fill, but we already had a "secret" plan to fit in - it was just a question of when!
It was Chan's birthday on the actual day, so her friend Jack had written a song for Tomodachi Life. This was particularly amazing as he didn't own a copy of Tomodachi Life himself, he did it based on song examples he'd found on YouTube! With Jen's help of editing it into the game, he'd written a lovely pop song to surprise Chan with! Jack also presented her with a little Yoshi cupcake :)
The video:

Once the final of the tournaments had happened, we got MiiVision set up. Nameri/Penny of SP Basildon was the host, with our own Rhys as co-host. Where we had representatives for the respective regions, we made sure to use them!

There were 12 regions, and 11 songs. Present were StreetPass: Basildon, East Midlands, Liverpool, London, Manchester, North Wales and South Wales; and Portsmouth as the "extra".
The missing regions were: Banbury, Elgin, Middlesbrough and Newcastle. These regions' points were read by Dylan as he operated the voting system.
MiiVision Results 2014

It was very tense at the end, as London, Newcastle and North Wales were very close. Portsmouth pretty much decided the final winner with their votes alone!
Derrin of London came away with the grand victory, with his song "Why London Why".

To see the whole playlist go to: http://bit.ly/miiVision

We also had 3 bonus prizes, decided by a Jury.
-Best Costume went to South Wales for the man in the dress and the ice cream hat.
- Best Lyrics went to Basildon, as their lyrics fitted the best within the style.
- Most Original Song went to Manchester, for what was essentially a history lesson!

In addition to that we also had a "Best Dressed" prize for whoever had come up with the best costume taken form the entire "Tomodachi Life" wardrobe. It was a very close decision, but we had to award Laura/Pandora for that striking dress! good effort to the others though too! :D

Once we had given all the relevant prizes and certificates to people, we called for a big group photo outside while the sun was out and most people were still around. It was gone 6pm by then, but thankfully the bar staff didn't mind so much as they knew we'd be shortly packing up :)

Once we'd tidied up and put all the tables back in place, a lot of the attendees had to go. A group of us stood outside the bar for a bit and chatted, alas StreetPass Manchester/Portsmouth had to continue on their travels!

StreetPass Basildon, London, Liverpool and a third of StreetPass East Midland's representatives came to the local pub with us.

We played a few more games in the pub, as well as taking a snapshot on Bluetone's "Abbey Road", courtesy of Tony. We had a huge giggle trying to get everyone to walk slowly at the same speed as one another! In the end we gave up and just did a still with tools instead! Some played bomberman, others chatted. A couple left as they had to get back home, but those who were staying over in the area stayed out a bit later. It was so nice to be able to talk properly to other StreetPass people from further afield. It's a very rare chance indeed!
By pure coincidence, it turned out that London and East Midlands had booked the same hotel on Anglesey! They travelled back together, and Basildon went on their way for the rest of their weekend getaway.

Sunday we said a final farewell, as the remainder of us met in Noodle One in Bangor for a spot of lunch before going our separate ways. It was sad to mark that the weekend was over, but we had so much fun, and we hope that the photos show just that!

Summer Holiday in Wales 2014 was a success! Alas we won't be doing this every year, but watch this space of course :)