Sunday, 27 July 2014

StreetPass North Wales does Hyper Japan! 26/07/2014

Dylan had this crazy idea that he would drive down to London for a day trip! We were offered a limited number of free tickets to Hyper Japan, so we could hardly refuse. We asked in the group before we had the tickets who would be interested in attending, and only 3 replied, so that was perfect. A car full!
Unfortunately one member let us down, so we had to find a replacement with only a week to go. Chris is an honorary member of SPNW, but is found more often at StreetPass Manchester.

On the day, we were awake from 3am! We did two pick ups on the way, but in total it took about 6 hours (including stopping for breakfast in McDonalds!)
We got to Hyper Japan at about quarter past 10 after finding some free parking not too far away (thanks to Derrin for the tip!)

Once in the venue, we all made a bee-line for the Nintendo stand. We hovered around the Tomodachi Life area, and listened to the questionable tutorial that a guy was giving some kids on how to play it. We said "hi" to some fellow StreetPass group people from other areas, and then decided which games to have a go on. There was plenty of choice, including: Monster Hunter Ultimate 4, Super Smash Brothers 3DS, Fantasy life and the new TheatRhythm. There was a section of the venue with food, and lots of craft stalls.

Our group split up for a bit, as some wanted to queue for certain games and some wanted to look around the stalls. We always knew we could meet back at the "Nintendo Zone" though!
There was a special offer too - buy Tomodachi Life for half price if you showed your console. Three of our group took advantage of the offer!
There was also a stand where you gave the staff your 3DS SD card and printed out your favourite picture from Tomodachi Life. I picked this one:

Of course throughout the day, we were constantly checking StreetPasses, and it was nice to get some proper ones for Tomodachi Life too, as they are very rare to come by up in North Wales!
There was a giant Pikachu wandering around, as well as a Mario, Luigi and a few other characters.

For the people with dual passes, there was an hour's break in the middle, so our group went upstairs and got a table to sit at to relax a bit. Bumped into another fellow StreetPass guy, so had a quick catch up and compared notes on Tomodachi Life. We got some good overview pictures of the venue from upstairs:

There was a long queue to get back downstairs but we made it just in time for the big Nintendo Quiz!

Teams for the quiz were in sixes, but Derrin and his friend were looking for teammates, and with me it would've been 7, so I bowed out to give everyone else a chance. They called themselves "MiiVision" and were competing against "Team Awesome Yeah", "Koopa Clan" and 2 others.

MiiVision was joint 2nd for a bit, but in the end they came out top, bagging themselves £50 eShop credit EACH! :D They even got a photo with Chandra afterwards!

After the quiz we did our own things and then met back  up by the main stage. Some had a quick bite to eat before we headed back towards the exit, buying some pancakes on the way.

We were all tired, so we left shortly before 6, and set off on our 5 hour drive back home, with the two drop offs on the way, and a final one in Bangor.
We did stop for tea in a services not far out of London because it was getting a bit late, and funnily enough we even got one last StreetPass at the service station!
I would say we all went straight to bed, but some of us still had a bit of a buzz from the hype!

If you attended and want to add your own angle on the day, please use the comments below :)

We're all getting hyped for our "Summer Holiday in North Wales" next Saturday! Don't miss it, it's going to be awesome!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Summer Holidays in North Wales - Miivision Final

Streetpass North Wales and friends present "Summer Holiday in North Wales". Doesn't matter where you are in the UK, come up to sunny Bangor for a day on the coast, full of fun, games, tournaments and of course StreetPass! If you don't have Tomodachi Life, there's still time to get your copy before the event!


Join us on Saturday 2nd August 2014 from 12pm until 6pm. Bar food available between 12 and 3pm, with a general bar for the whole event. 

The event will be held at BAR UNO (Ffriddoedd Road) which is easy to find on Bangor University's Ffriddoedd Site Halls of Residence (Just say Frith Site, and you can't go wrong!) Cheap accommodation right next to venue available, please message Jen for details or if you have any queries.

Map showing Bar Uno in relation to Bangor Train Station

  • The final of MiiVision will be held at this event, with a certificate and special prize for 1st place! 
  • There will be other competitions throughout the day, including Mario Kart 8, and possibly Smash Brothers Wii amongst other things. (TBC) 
If there are any other games you'd like to play the chances are that there will be someone else willing to play it with you. Be it Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Tetris, or Mario Party DS... Download play is excellent for events like this.


If you like cosplaying, how do you fancy this?? It's MiiVision, dress up in an outfit that can be found on Tomodachi Life! Any outfit found on the game, but please don't show too much flesh! (no swimwear etc!)

The most interesting outfit will win some eShop credit  Go on, get creative!

(If you don't own the game yourself there are plenty of images on Google etc to give you some ideas, you can still take part!)

See you there!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Mini "MiiVision" Meet 22/07/2014

We had one or two unofficial mini meets in June. One was because it was my birthday and I wanted to spend the day doing what I loved, another for Tomodachi life as it was one of the newest releases with it being out on the 7th of the month.

We also had a reschduled Mario Kart 8 StreetPass UK final, where our Jack came 3rd which was a pretty commendable position given the talent that was out there!

It had been a crazy month with so much happening that I just didn't have time to report on everything that on to the MiiVision meet!


We met in our usual spot in Varsity at 5pm, and welcomed a few new faces! There were 12 of us in total, and although a couple had to leave earlier, most stayed until the end at about 10pm.

The Tomodachi Life fans started out by trading items between each other. I especially appreciated this, as to date I hadn't been able to try out the local play feature of the game, and I had been slowly building up explorers who were all waiting patiently at the harbour. (Which they have now all finally left to go on their travels! I also had quite a few outfits traded including the hot dog suit and a Royal Crown!)

We got in a couple of Grand Prix on Mario Kart 7 and then some of us settled down for some food.
After the food was out of the way and we had a bit more space, we played 8-player Tetris and then set up for the MiiVision voting.

There were three tables, and in turn we took an iPad round with the 4 entries on and let people consider their options. They were then given a few minutes to vote for their favourite one by number.
We counted up the votes, and decided we would also do a short online poll until the Friday to see if more people wanted to vote who couldn't make it to the mini meet. (So the result will be added shortly.)

Once the voting was all done and dusted, people decided which game to play. A couple of guys played Four Swords, while other discussed Animal Crossing and Tomodachi Life. We did a bit more of Mario Kart 7, and then when the few had to leave a bit earlier, we finished off with a short round of Luigi's Mansion 2.

It was a fun meet, and I hope the new members enjoyed the experience and will return again soon! :D

[photos to follow]

It is now less than two weeks to our biggest challenge of the year. Who decided to try and persuade the UK that Bangor was a better place to hold an event than London??! Yep, yours truly. (Yes I know that London will always be superior, but who says we can't try!)
Watch this space for how that goes on the 2nd August! It's going to be amazing! (Fingers crossed for no technical hitches of course!!)