Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Mario Kart 8 Launch Tournament 31/05/2014

This was a slightly different type of event. We usually host our events in Bangor, but due to the University Summer Ball being on the same day, Bangor was pretty much a no-go area if you weren't going to the ball!
Menai Bridge Carnival was also happening that day so that wasn't much better!
There was an easy solution! Have it in our own place, in the village of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch! The downside? We could only fit 15 people in it...

We created the event months in advance because Mario Kart 8 is a massive deal to me and Dylan. It just happened that with it being the Saturday of release, it made sense for StreetPass UK's groups to hook up for one big online final!

People started arriving at our event from 11am, and some got stuck straight in with some Game & Wario!
The event officially kicked off at 12 with the tournament starting at 1pm. we had 11 entries (out of 14 attendees), so the first round was basically to see which 3 got knocked out, using the banana cup. The top 8 went through but there was a tiebreaker for 8th place on DS Cheep Cheep Beach.
The 8 people left raced the Flower Cup which cut it down to four pretty quickly.

The final was tense with the Special Cup, and all four competitors being of fairly equal standards! There was quite a lot of shouting, and in end we ended up with a joint 1st and a joint 3rd!
We did the tiebreaker for 1st first, but both pairs had to race it out on N64 Rainbow Road. It was very tight, but Jack managed to grab 1st place with Rhys in at 2nd. Dan picked up 3rd place, and unfortunately Darren just missed out. The top 3 places got a certificate each, with Jack winning the Special cup trophy, and the other two grabbing some eShop credit.

After that we had a break and enjoyed a BBQ! (whilst Jack practised ready for the National online final, and someone raced a mini kart in the kitchen!!)

As those involved probably know, the online final didn't go to plan! Other cities had connection problems, and others complained that the races that managed to happen shouldn't count. It was agreed by all the group leaders that the final would be rescheduled to another time. (Watch this space!)

Once that was out of the way, we enjoyed some cake provided by two of our members
Cake made by @Euclidianboxes
Cake made by @Amybabs87

...and then later some ice lollies! A group decided to try and beat the time trial time for Rainbow Road from the previous day, and after that we set some challenges on "other" games with little prizes involved! This included an Acorn Plains Speed Run on New Super Mario Bros U; Donkey Kong's Crash Course on Nintendo Land, a Nes Remix Challange, 8-way Tetris and Super Smash Brother Brawl!

A few also went up to our Retro Games room and played classic Goldeneye and Beetle Adventure Racing.
It was an immensely fun day despite the online mishap, and people stayed until nearly 11pm!

We were exhausted after the event, but are already anticipating when the online final will be :)

Watch out for our new Youtube channel for some MKTV! (See below for the 1st place tiebreaker!)
Also look out in the near future for our online Mario Kart 8 tournaments!