Friday, 4 April 2014

McDonald's Mini Meet 01/04/2014

Well, not too much to report on this time, since we pretty much went there just to get the Mario themed toys from the Happy Meals!!
There were 6 of us, with 3 getting there at 5, and the other 3 getting there about twenty past. No one actually got a happy meal, but we all ended up with "Luigi" (there were no Yoshis left!)

We got bombarded by Nintendo Zone StreetPasses so spent most of the session doing those. We didn't even really get each others' StreetPass hits...!
Rochelle got taken back to the 90s with a game of Sonic, and I was busy trying to complete the April Fool's Day challenge in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Once everyone had eaten and finished their various quests, it was sort of cut short; as one had Welsh class, and a couple of students had too much work to get done! The three of us left decided to walk back to Bangor, but by the time we got there we were down to two. It was over by 7.30; but to be fair, we got what we went for, and it was brief but fun! Thanks to those who turned up, and see you at the next event :D

 Oh .... and lost lonely Raichu found his way back to Lt. Surge :)