Saturday, 18 January 2014

Mini Meet #3 18/1/14

First meet of the year, hot on the heels of the Mario Party: Island Tour Release.

Due to bad reviews, a lot of people have been put off buying it, but as a lifelong Mario fan, I got it without question. A few of the group also had the same idea, so we had a small meet of 5.
A relaxed few hours on a Saturday afternoon in Varsity, and Dylan and I took turns in playing boards.
We had a lot of fun, played through 4 boards, and even got to "Imitate Bowser's Voice" in one game!!

Verdict of the game, as the general consensus at the meet:

  • The games finished too quick - you only had to be the first to get to the end before the game finished.
  • The music and actual gameplay was really fun. 
  • It is a great game for local play, you only need 1 cartridge for 4 people too!
  • It was good that you could choose a "type" of board to play - the choice is well balanced. 
  • It doesn't diverge too much from the rest of the Mario Party Series, but still utilises the fact that it is on a 3DS.

We also had a couple of people pass us by (StreetPass hits!) but didn't join us in the end. Don't be scared to come and say "hi", we're a very friendly bunch- In the end, the main purpose of SPNW is to bring like-minded people together to enjoy the fun and games of Nintendo!

Hope to see lots of you at our next Official Event on Saturday 8th February! :)