Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Special Christmas Mini Meet 22/12/2014

The original plan was to round off the year at our big event earlier in the month, but with the prospect of having access to a massive screen out of term time and call for one last party before Christmas, it just had to happen!

Unusual venue, but a big lecture theatre in the centre of town. No lectures, just Smash Wii U, all afternoon!
People started arriving from 1pm, and we got set up with our equipment including drawing the brackets by hand. There was a big spread of whiteboards directly under the massive screen, why not?! 

Some arrived after 1.30pm, but we were taking it easy, so the actual amiibo tournament didn't start until 2pm.
We allowed people to change amiibo between rounds, but most ended up sticking with their "favourite" one. We went round at the start to establish who was entering, and asked them to declare which amiibo they intended to use.
We then drew the names out of the item box, and wrote them out on the board. 

The rules were:
- 2 stock, 5 minutes (1 shot)
- Customisations OFF
- Items OFF
- Stage: "Random Omega" 
- double elimination

We had asked on the group previously if anyone had any objections to the admin competing, and no one did, so Dylan was armed with Villager & Kirby, Jen went with her faithful Pikachu, and Rhys picked Pit, but then threw in his Diddy Kong in the final.

There were some tense matches, but the Pikachu kept winning! As it happened though, when the winners of the losers' bracket rejoined for the final, it was certainly a spanner in the works!
Jen and James were the winners from the winners' bracket; with Dan and Rhys joining as winners from the losers' bracket. 
Unexpectedly, James' Link "Rinky-Dink" got knocked out first, and then Diddy Kong "Dunston" came out of nowhere and KO'd Pika and the other Link "Pinky" simultaneously, rendering Diddy Kong the surpeme champion of the day!
Rhys had the choice of £10 eShop, a Kamek plush or a Wave 1 or 2 amiibo. 

After the tournament was done with people were playing their 3DSes (Some Luigi's Mansion 2 was seen) and 8 player Smash appeared!
4 players with their amiibo took on each other, then it was everyone as "random".

It ended with James fighting against "bob", Jen's Samus amiibo - he beat her twice, but it took some doing. Her defence stat is about +190! 

It was just about time to pack up at this point, so once everything was back in boxes, we headed over to our Hockey Hut in Varsity to have our "usual" mini meet session. 

We lost a few guys along the way as they had somewhere to be in the evening, but we also gained a few just in the evening, as our regular family came to join us for food and more games! :)

We started with some 10 player Tetris Ultimate, where the first couple of games were basically figuring out how to control things and use the items! It was its first outing for our meet, so it was interesting to see how it was received. Our own verdict was that we think at the moment we prefer Tetris Online, its predecessor; although 10 player is better than 8 right?!

We all had a break while everyone got food, and we saw various games being played including Fantasy Life and Tomodachi Life. 

One funny moment with the food - Cat and Red were brought 2 coffees... they'd ordered pizzas as far as they knew.... when they went to the bar it was worked out that they'd ordered "Americana Pizzas" not "Americano Coffees" - that kept us all laughing for a bit! People really appreciated the half price deal on all food too!

Once the food was out of the way, we got a couple of Mario Kart 7 Grand Prix in before the Manchester lot had to go home.

Those of us who were left rounded off the night with a couple of rounds of Cards Against Humanity. Was much fun, especially since it was the première of the custom Nintendo themed cards! 

Look out for our next mini meet, which will be at some point in January, followed by our next BIG meet which is set to take place on Saturday 21st February.

Merry Christmas all and see you in 2015 for some more fun and games! :D

Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Big Christmassy Smash Kart Event! 6/12/14

The week leading up to the event was pure hell because even though we booked the venue way back in October, we found out on Wednesday that the guys who needed to grant us access had no record of our booking!!!

Cue a panic, and on Thursday night, one of my helpers marched down to Academi to sort out the lack of communication between the staff there, and the security staff. We've had this problem all to often, so we now know we have to pretty much do every step of it in person... Great when all the admins have full time jobs :\

Anyway, we thought all was sorted until we turned up in the morning and there was no one in sight...
Argh! We rang security and they said they'd opened it at 8.30am for the cleaners and therefore a cleaner should let us in.
Then came the next half hour of a group of four of us waving frantically through the window trying to get the attention of the oblivious cleaner inside.... ahhh!

Sooo.... with half an hour until the actual event started, a slightly larger group of us rushed around rearranging chairs and setting up equipment. Due to it being the regional Smash Wii U Qualifier, we were expecting a bigger crowd than usual so kitted out the "meeting room" with a 2nd Wii U to play on. This Wii U was initially used for 8 player/amiibo free play!

After people started arriving at 11 and signing up, we made sure everything was in order where it should be, and then Dylan started organising the teams for the big Quiz. He had asked people to tick their strongest topics on the sign up sheet, which were: mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Smash, everything or nothing! He then assigned them randomly, but tried to make sure there was one "everything" and one "nothing" in each group of 4. 
People seemed to enjoy it, but it was Rhys' team "Banana Blitzers" which took the victory. 

Well done to Jack, Jess, Rhys, Leonie & Cat!

Some more guys turned up halfway through the quiz, so they played a bit of Smash and chatted whilst the quiz finished off. They'd come all the way from Rhyl for the qualifier.

Without much of a gap, we went straight on to the Smash tournament. People had brought their own controllers, which saved us a job working out who should borrow whos.
There were three rivalries it seemed. The "Rhyl" guys, the "BUGL" guys, and our usual "SPNW" regulars.

We used Challonge to ensure fairness, and to mix it up we shuffled it three times blind.
See the link here for the tournament standings.
Unfortunately all our guys got knocked out before the semi-final, although well done to Drn for getting that far as we could see how tense a lot of the matches were!!

Ticket for the Qualifiers :)

We had a few byes due to the strange number of 26, which ultimately meant that some of the BUGL guys met with their teammates earlier than they maybe would have liked. Same happened with some of the Rhyl guys later on, but nothing changed the fact that the newcomers ran away with the victory.
Jamie Jones from Rhyl won 1st place, Ben Tyrie from the University won 2nd place, and Chris Morelli from Rhyl took 3rd. All three will receive an invitation to the national final in Birmingham at the end of January.

Whilst the final couple of rounds were happening with Smash, we got started on the name draws for the final SPGL Mario Kart 7 session. 3 grand prixes again, but this time in MIRROR mode.
Apologies if this put off some of the newcomers to the session, it was the last one of the year and it was very close for 3rd place, so we had to throw a little bit of a spanner into the works ;)
This time, it was the mushroom, banana and special cup.

Dan and Angus came joint top for the session and fought it out on Mirror SNES Rainbow Road. Dan grabbed the eShop credit for the the session, so well done to him!

As per usual, after the Mario Kart came the prize giving and raffle!

The winning quiz team took their eShop credit, and Leonie won a little Pikachu "Pop Star" badge.

We also had a couple of special raffle prizes on this occasion. A Mario Kart "Scalextric" set, a Wall Art of Super Mario Land. We also had "an amiibo of choice" on offer, as well as a few other smaller prizes.

After the raffle we had a big group photo before certain people had to leave, and then finally, we presented the trophies for the SPGL Mario Kart.

Rhys grabbed the victory with the Leaf trophy, Dan came 2nd overall with the special cup, and Angus got the shell cup for coming 3rd. The leaf trophy was a lot heavier than Rhys was possibly expecting!

It was nice at the end - as some stuck around. Our regular members had written in a Thank You card for us, so Dan presented it to us. We also chose our winner of the Smash Snapshot competition - the custom Zelda stage ran away with the Small Yoshi Plush, even though there were plenty of funny/epic/dramatic ones to choose from. People let out the biggest gasp when the stage picture popped up, so no contest there! Well done #JohnWinsEverything ;)

It's been a fantastic year for SPNW, and we truly hope that 2015 will be just as good if not better!!
Thanks to all our regulars for supporting us (you know who you are), especially Dan, Amy, Jack, Angus, Drn, John, for helping us behind the scenes and being there for most of our events :)

Thanks to Rochelle and Mark for being our photographers at certain events too.

Also thanks to Rhys for being a great host with us, we couldn't have done it without your ideas and input! :D

Thanks to EVERYONE who got involved, for helping make SPNW what it is today! We couldn't have done it without you!

Final shout out to those who aren't currently in Bangor but would be loyal members if they were, we miss you! See some of you next year!  :)

P.S Don't forget we have a mini meet on 22nd December in Dean Street/Varsity - 1pm onwards! (Bring your amiibo(s)!)

P.P.S. The next BIG event will be Saturday 21st February! Put it in your diaries! :D

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Mini'ish' Meet 16/11/14

Bit of a hiccup at the beginning, because security had no record of our booking, despite us checking over and over again with Academi that everyone knew when we needed access... After some persuasion, and a good half an hour later than originally agreed, we finally got access to the building... just as well it wasn't raining! The sun had come out for us :P 

This was a sightly different event. We didn't want another big meet, but at the same time, we couldn't ignore the fact that some new DLC had been released for Mario Kart 8, one of the group's favourite games!

we also opted to do this on a Sunday, because Sundays have been neglected the latter half of this year, mainly due to the hosts having other commitments. If we do any more mini'ish' meets though, we will certainly try and alternate a bit more! (Look out in January for another potential one!)

Originally it was just an excuse to hang out in the Cinema room of Academi with the big screen. It ended up turning into a tournament for DLC only Mario Kart, with an official Mario Kart 8 Guide up for grabs!

We had 15 people turn up in total, with 11 taking part in the tournament. 

 There was a spectacular photo finish, when Link thought he'd bagged the finish, and then out of nowhere popped Roy with his mushroom, and just pipped him to the post before the finish line!

Jack came out top and won the guide - no surprises there, he is our Mario Kart 8 North Wales representative :) Well done to Will, Drn and Amy for getting to the top four though! 

There was also some random multiplayer sessions of Fantasy Life in one corner. Not least because someone needed some help killing a behemoth and a big dragon! 


We didn't quite get round to playing Tetris, but it was nice that the session was so laid back and friendly.

Thanks to those who made it on a Sunday, and hope to see you all at our BIG event on Saturday 6th December!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Mini Meet #9 28/10/14

In our usual haunt, the Hockey Hut in Varsity, we gathered once again for some food, drink and games. Initially we were a bit concerned that not maby would show up, as there was near torrential rain outside.

As it happened, we had a total of 18 people attend which was the most we had ever had! We only just fit into our little corner, but it looked "filled" rather than squashed!
It was nice to see one completely new attendee, as well as some recently joined up ones :) And of course the usual regular crowd appeared too.

Most people were hungry so we got the food in first, with a few small games of Smash and Fantasy Life here and there. Once the food was out of the way, the small games continued, but a large group also moved over to the adjacent corner from the hockey hut, to join in a big game of Cards Against Humanity! Everyone involved really enjoyed it, but had to be slightly quiet so the children in the hockey hut weren't able to hear anything they shouldn't! ;)

Many laughs were had, but it was Kyle who just about sneaked away with the first to 5 cards.

The ones who didn't join the card game were either engrossed in Smash Brothers 3DS or Fantasy Life. A couple of games of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call were also played

After that game was done with, everyone went back to the Hockey Hut, and we had a few rounds of Mario Kart 7, with 8 at a time. A few had to leave early, which meant by the time we finished Mario Kart there were 5 people left for a game of Tetris or two! 

A very successful mini meet indeed! Alas we have no big event in November as our representatives will be heading over to Manchester at the end of that month for the Pokemon Autumn Event final! We will however host another mini'ish' meet on the 16th November in Academi, so don't miss out on that! :)

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Super Smash Brothers Event! 18/10/14

Back in our old haunt Academi, we were let in on time for once, and were busy setting up for the day when a group of people knocked on the door. they asked if we were security(?!) as they had a drum rehearsal in Academi in the morning. ooh er....

After it was established that they were in the "Games" bit and we were in Cinema bit, all was fine, although when they started rehearsing it was VERY loud, and we had to stop our attendees from getting confused and ending up in the middle of them when they arrived! (I hope the drums didn't anyone off who was thinking of going!!)

We started taking signups at 11, and had a steady stream of enthuasitic gamers (and a couple of confused looking dancers/drummers...) A total of 25 came to spend their day with us.

There was freeplay Hyrule Warriors or Nintendo Land on the big screen, which people enjoyed throughout the day. We also had our usual raffle, but on this occasion it had two star prizes! A big Toon Link Plush, as well as a limited edition handmade hyrule warriors scarf, crafted by Donna Evans of Tavington Crafts.

Once everyone had signed up and settled in, we started doing the names for the hat so we could draw people randomly.

First Round: Groups of 3, and 2 sets of 3 - 18 competitors in all. We allowed people without the game to participate by lending them cartridges from those who weren't in session at the time. This meant that the 2nd set had the "no cartridge" people. Unfortunately but inevitably, it was those without who got knocked out first, but it at least gave them chance to try the game out!
The qualifying rounds were based on 3 Stock, with a time limit of 8 minutes. Free For All. Most matches were over in a few minutes,

Second Round:
After 1 player from each group got knocked out, we were left with 12.
We did the same set up again, and also in groups of 3 (but all 4 groups played simultaneously)
Again, 1 player from each group got knocked out, leaving 8 for the Quarter Final.

Quarter Final:
8 players meant 2 lots of Free for All stages, with same settings as previously. By this point, there was a lot of heightened emotions and shouting, it was certainly getting tense!

The last 4 players faced it off in a final Free For All! Unfortunately Adam and Tim both got knocked out at the same time, so that determined who made it to the final!

Final/3rd Place Play off:
Very tense, and with only one of our regulars left in the competition, Drn faced Brad, a newcomer; and Adam faced Tim - Two of the top University Gaming League guys head to head!

In the end, Adam sadly went home with nothing, and Tim held on to 3rd place winning himself £10 of eShop Credit.

Drn and Brad held a tense final against each other, but unfortunately victory slipped away from Little Mac (Drn) as he got slightly over-confident in the last moments, which saw Brad snatch victory at the last moments! Brad walked away with £30 eShop, whilst Drn sat happy'ish' with £20 eShop!

Only 3 attendees dared to dress up (not including the admin)! Bit disappointing, but we certainly weren't disappointed with the efforts!
Rhys took the role of host, and announced each entrant in.
First up was "Wii Fit Trainer" - Complete with super high speed exercises and yoga poses!

Secondly was "Little Mac" - he was a little sad as he was missing his gloves, but he didn't disappoint with his air punches!

Thirdly and Lastly was "Duck Hunt Duo" - A very impressive costume with full makeup and plush mallard! Certainly did the poses, and someone at the back of the room was also ready with the original NES gun!

We gave all attendees the opportunity to vote, where they had to write their favourite on a little slip of paper. Everyone voted apart from the entrants and the admin.
Final voting was: 2 votes for Little Mac, 3 votes for Duck Hunt Dog and 10 votes to the Wii Fit Trainer!

We then had our next and penultimate instalment of the Mario Kart 7 league tournament!
21 people signed up to take part on this occasion, which was the entire room minus the hosts! (2 unfortunately had to leave early before this started, but 3 groups of 7 was quite neat in the end!)
There was again, quite a bit of shouting as people went from first to last because of red shells or blue shells, and competition amongst the higher ranked racers was very tight!)
We did our usual 3 grand prix, shuffling the groups between each set of races. This time they raced the shell, star and leaf cups.

It certainly was tight because we ended up with a joint 1st AND a joint 3rd. Welshgamer wasn't our winner on this occasion, and our visiting attendee Chris ended up in the 1st place play-off with our regular member Dan. The first two laps were neck and neck, but on the 3rd lap, Dan pulled away to victory, and won the session's £20 of eShop credit.

Time for the prize giving.

There had also been a couple of challenges in the afternoon, which Euclidian walked away with the StreetPass Squad Challenge (Highest Score on Level 2-3)
Cat walked away with the best possible score of 9999999 SSS on the level chosen on Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call.

Well done to both of them for winning £10 of eShop :)

Raffle Time!
The excitement for the special scarf was very high with anticipation, but after all that was spent, as surprise winner picked it up! Well done to Nick!

Toon Link went to Brad

we also had a Mario plush, pikmin, DK keyring and a Luigi's Mansion 2 decal to give away.

After the main event had finished, we gave people the opportuity to catch up on "other" games, and some joined for a few games on Nintendo Land. Much fun was had by all!

Thanks again to all who came, we hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did :)

Don't forget that our next big event will be on Saturday 6th December!