Sunday, 3 October 2021

NNW: Warioware: Actually Together! 02/10/2021

 It had been a long time coming, but today was the day we were finally able to meet up in person, indoors! 

We managed two outdoor events (July & August) while the weather was better, but we weren't willing to take the gamble with this one, and just as well as it poured with rain for half the day! 

Claire & Alex kindly let use a space upstairs in their shop in central Llandudno: ACME games, so thank you to them for enabling us to get going again! 
Once our usual venue in Bangor is back we'll be returning to our "home" but for now, Nintendo North Wales can be found in Llandudno! 

We arrived just as 12pm hit, and a few were already there waiting for us.

It was nice to have a quick catch up with a couple of the younger members, and the realisation that lockdown has "stolen" so much time for us, those young people are gearing up with their university choices already!

It was good to see some of the ones who'd joined us in the summer too. 

All in all, capacity was only for 12, so we chose to ticket this event on a first come first served basis. We had exactly 12 on the day too, we'd played it well, as we'd slightly over subscribed, assuming that one or two might drop out, and that's exactly what happened! 

we ended up with two sides to the room, and two TV setups! 

Our main feature game was the recently released Warioware: Get it Together, and anyone who wanted a go, made sure to bring their own controllers (which is so much easier in the days of the Switch of course) 

The other TV featured a bit of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to get the room started, then a bit of Just Dance... 

A few joined in on that, then came the unfortunate song where a guy whipped his top off... *cringe* 

Once everyone who joined in was danced out, they settled on Smash for the rest of the session.

Meanwhile, the first TV switched on to Game Builder Garage for a bit, and then right at the end, a few members set up 51 Worldwide Games and played a few games on that!

Just before the raffle Jen suddenly remembered her promise from when 51 Worldwide Games came out during the first lockdown... "we must get together and do the 4 console piano!"

That we did! 

4 consoles, with bits of piano, made a pretty good sounding "grand" piano! Everyone stepped back in anticipation of Jen to play something, but being that it was patchy touch screen, she ended up just playing the intro to the Pink Panther!! 
A few had a go on it, while we prepared the raffle.

We had a few donated prizes and a small pool that we'd been holding on to during lockdown. 

We thought it sensible to not have a group photo in the small space, so we waved everyone off with a promise of another event some time in November (Date TBC!)

It was good to be back as a community, doing what we do best: Socialising and Gaming! :D 

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