Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Virtual Event #4 25/07/20

We have settled into a schedule specifically for online meets now... still no date as to when we can get back to physical events, though rumours are saying not until 2021 :(
Everything is up in the air though, and we're working out what our options are.

 At 1pm, we started by taking part in the Animal Crossing New Horizons Bug Off. 3 or 4 of us played the game on one island, and managed a few rounds trying to catch all the bugs!

 At 2pm we did a Mario Kart 7 tournament for a change. It was set to "all items" and "150cc". You can't really close the tournament without deleting it, so we said we'd take the scores at 4pm, and the highest at that point could win the eShop credit. Well done to Glyn who won it for this session :)

 At 4pm, we had a tournament for 51 Worldwide Games.
A lot of the regulars were missing due to work and other commitments, so we only had 4 entries for this.

 The tournament went as follows:
 Round 1 - Consisted of 10 games, all 1v1: Mancala, Dots and Boxes, Four-in-a-Row ×2 (two rounds of this game), Draughts, Gomoku, Renegade, Texas Hold-em Poker (5 rounds), 6-Ball Puzzle, Toy Curling.

To ensure fairness as much as possible, the first move was set to 'Random' where relevant. Once this round was completed, the scores were: Chris 5 - 5 John Sam 7 - 3 Callum In Chris and John's game of Draughts, there was a stalemate where all pieces had progressed equally and had nowhere to go, and none were taken. Although it was technically a draw, the game decided that John won (possibly as it was Chris' turn and he couldn't move?).

Final Round - all four players were together, for a game of Last Card. Rules of this round were that the game was to be played to all positions, so that first place gets 3 points, second place gets 2 points, third gets 1 point, last place gets 0 points. As soon as a player gets to two wins the game ends. In the first game, John was the first person to forget to declare last card, and so had the obligatory penalty. Chris ended up winning the game (3 points), with Sam coming second (2), Callum third (1), and John last (0). The second game followed, and, as quoted in the chat, John 'got gud' and remembered to declare. Sadly, it wasn't enough and the cards were against him, with Chris winning the game (3 points), Sam second (2), John third (1) and Callum last (0). The total points for all games gave us: Chris 11 Sam 11 John 6 Callum 4 After all the games, we ended up with a tie-breaker for first place. Another game followed, just for Chris and Sam. The tie-breaker game was Blackjack, played for 10 rounds to reduce the risk of there being another tie. The CPU scores were ignored, and so whoever had the highest value (or least debt) would be the winner. 10 rounds later and Chris was declared the winner with 103 chips, compared to Sam's –179 chips.

Our next event will likely be on Saturday 22nd August so look out for news soon :)