Saturday, 2 May 2020

Virtual Event #2 25/04/20

We shortened the hours slightly this time, so that there was a bit more of a fair playing field for the tournaments, though we're open to ideas of how to do things for future meets, as we're pretty sure the next few months may still be on the virtual level! 

We kept to fairly well known and mainstream games this time. 
Firstly we had some freeplay Tetris99 while the hosts were having lunch :P (Managed to hop towards the end though!) 

at 2pm, yes we had Mario Kart again, but this time it was a 20 round Battle tournament. For those who didn't get to play solidly from 2pm, they found that there was no one to play with towards the end of the timeframe, so this is something to bear in mind for future tournaments. 
The Mole still won the eShop for the day too, so well done him! 
The battles themselves were fairly straightforward, meanwhile on the Discord channel there was a discussion about what was the best version of Mario Kart. N64 for battles, obviously! ;) 

At 4pm, Runbow had 7 sign ups plus Dylan as the host, which was very neat! 
The first round was "Run": 10 rounds

The second round was "Arena" - unfortunately in the 8th round out of 10, everyone disconnected, so the as far as the host could see, the game was still running but no one was running! By the end of round 10, there was a draw between Cat and Drn. This led to a tie breaker, but because everyone disconnected, it turned into an endless tie breaker! They had to restart arena and do all the games again. Sadly this meant that Cat and Drn didn't do as well the second time round!

 The third round was "King of the Hill"

and the final scores were:
Mole 7, Drn 4 Tim 3 Dan 2, John 2, Everyone else 1.
But had it been before disconnections it would have been:
Mole 7, Drn 7, Tim 4, Cat 3, Dan 2, John 2, Luke 2, Dylan 1

because Mole agreed to take into account the disconnected round, this resulted in a tie between Mole and Drn, and they played their tie breaker in "Run" .

The Mole won Runbow too! :o

All day, since most are still hooked on Animal Crossing, we held another little photo contest. This time the theme was "costume" (but the background is also important!)
The person who won this time was another newer member: Rosalind. She had a lovely Kiki's Delivery Service inspired Photo, perfect!

We will be back at the end of May with more virtual activities!
Keep up with us via our Discord server, and in between our own events, why not get involved with the NPUK online sessions?

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