Tuesday, 14 January 2020

North Wales' Just Dance for Alzheimer's UK Party! 11/01/2020

we switched the room round this time - the main screen was the left one, and the freeplay one was on the right. The "admin" table was therefore in the middle of the room next to the partition screen. This also allowed the ARUK banner to be above the table.

There was plenty of cake, and a lot of Smarties!
The first 10 to claim them, grabbed a free wristband, and the smarties were there in a big jar for people to guess the number.

At least there was plenty of dancing to counteract the cake though!

This was the first exclusive charity event NNW had done. We joined with Ubisoft in their campaign to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK.

We split the Just Dance 2020 list we made at the Christmas event into two lists. The A list was the "party" tunes, and the B List was the "memes/old classics" tunes. The few who'd gone for the sponsored dance could pick either of them or dance both if they wished.
The schedule made sure there was chance to recover in between each list. (each list was 30 minutes long, and were pretty tiring!)
There were 7 dancers who did both lists :)

Here is a selection of some of the dances we did:

^ Rasputin

 ^ Blue Da Ba Dee

  ^ Don't Stop Me Now

 ^ Dragostea Din Tei

The B List:

     ^ Beep Beep I'm a Sheep

^ Cotton Eyed Joe

 ^ Ghostbusters

 ^ skibidi

and finally... Baby Shark!

There was a lot of freeplay too - We saw a good session on Must Dash Amigos and Heave Ho on the big screen. On the other big screen we saw the usual Smash setup, but also some RingFit adventure, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (this year's league theme by the way!) and Mario Maker 2.
There was also some tabletop mario kart, Tetris, Overcooked, Zelda and others.

We ended the day by revealing the number of smarties in the jar, 774, a lot were in disbelief that so many could fit in. Yes, Jen did count them all one by one :P Dale was the only one close to the number with a guess in the early 700s...!
We had a group photo, as this wasn't a mini meet, it was a special charity event - with balloons and banners!

And then the party went on for a bit longer...!

The total made from the event (sponsor money, cake sale and sweets jar) was £133.61. Well done guys!
The JustGiving page will be live until the end of February, so there's still plenty of time to donate and help us reach our total :)

additional photo/video credits to Dylan and Emma (and Chloe for the group photo)

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