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Ring of Galar! 16/11/19

We had a bit of a surprise when we went to the venue this time. We usually work around the Mindfulness centre, but this time there was "another" Mindfulness group sat in the middle of the room, and it felt slightly awkward when we had to warn them there would be 30 Nintendo fans appearing in 45 minutes whether they stayed or moved!
Thankfully they found another room, so all was sorted, so thanks to the leader for being able to find a solution :) 

We did hit around the 30 mark for attendees too, so it was a busy day for us! 

The raffle was Pokemon themed, and we had the special B-A-B Psyduck to win!

(We also threw in the Standees at the end as people wanted them :) )

Thanks to Nintendo UK, we had some Switch Lites on display so people could try out Sword and Shield even if they didn't own them. 

We also had a free poster and magazine for everyone who attended!

(Anyone who missed out can still catch them at our next event!)

The day started off with people trying our Ring Fit Adventure to get a feel for it ready for the tournament. On the second screen was the new Pokémon Game.

we got started properly just after 11.30, first on the list was "Tricky Towers Done Differently" For this it was simply in black and white instead of colour, so wasn't too ridiculous as we've seen earlier in the year! 

It was also a special birthday for one of our regulars, so we had some cake!

Also a whole bottle of ketchup for one butty?!

People were also playing their own things whilst waiting for their turn on Tricky Towers.

People tried out the Switch lites for both the console feel, and to try out the game. Some even set up some trades..!

Throughout the day someone kept changing the cake round... at one point it said party bap... but then it ended up as "a Trap"...

The Ring Fit tournament was after the league round, and we had just over 20 signups. 
Everyone had to play the first three mini games: Crate Crasher, Gluting Gallery and Squat Goals. 

The top 8 then played the next 3 mini games: 
Robo Wrecker, Squattery Pottery & Bank Balance.

Round 2 of the league was next: Luigi's Mansion 3. The difference was NO DIFFERENCE! Last official game of the season, and because it only came out a short while ago, we thought we'd use the local mode as hardly anyone had had chance to try it. 

We used the coin floating mode:

There were some unfortunate teams that lost all or most of their coins at the last second... ouch! 

George won the session, but it was also the final session for everyone, so we now know who's got this year's trophies. James has won 1st place, BUT John and Chris have to fight it out as they're currently joint 2nd...the final tie breaker will take place at our next event! 

People had a go at some of the other modes while admin sorted out the logistics for the final of the Ring Fit Tournament. 

The final consisted of 6 set exercises, and finished with two mini games to get a final score. Were the first 6 to tire them out first? Not on purpose, Jen just forgot that doing 8 exercises would lead to no score to note :P Still, 6 and 2 worked quite well, and well done to the last 4 who put their best efforts in!

Dan came 2nd and John ended up winning the tournament, so well done to them!
Credit to Chris and Drn too of course!

Some other freeplay stuff carried on throughout, and while we were sorting the raffle, some of the group wanted to do the ring con challenge in the other room.

(He got the record of 120!)

We did the raffle, and then the group photos as usual.
One with the standees...

The whole group (well, the ones that were left)

AND ..

Squid League 2 happened through August to October, and our team North Wales 1 won the tournament, to take victory over previous champions Manchester. The trophies finally arrived which meant they could come and collect them! Well done Ducklings/NW1! 
(And thanks to Sobble for collecting Tim's on his behalf ;) )

The next event is only just over 2 weeks away on Saturday 7th December, there are a LOT of Christmas Raffle prizes to win, a big Quiz and more, so don't miss out! 

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