Sunday, 13 October 2019

Untitled Mini'ish' Meet 12/10/19

The room had way too many tables and chairs, so it was just as well Jen got there early to move everything round!

People started arriving from 11ish onwards, so those with the head start got stuck into "Untitled Goose Game", our first featured game of the day!

Most people arrived after 12 (the official start though), but the whole day was dedicated to free play, and we saw a good range of multiplayer games too! It was nice to see some newer returning faces, as well as a completely new person!

There was a lot of Smash Ultimate played on the secondary big screen, as well a play through the level entries for the "Luigi's New Mansion" NPUK Building the Kingdom competition.

We also featured "Cubixx", a newly released game from developers Laughing Jackal.

We saw a few games of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on tabletop/portable mode, as well as Tetris 99's arena mode.

A few were catching up on Breath of the Wild, as well as portable versions of Untitled Goose Game (A few hints and tips were shared between players for both!)

We also saw Asphalt 9, WindJammers, Burger Time & Conduct Together.

Unlike most mini meets, we also had a small raffle, with the special prize of a Tavington Crafts Heart container.

The next event is Saturday 16th November, and has a special Pokémon themed raffle! It will feature some friendly Pokémon battles on the newly released Pokémon Sword/Shield, RingFit and others!

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