Monday, 17 June 2019

NNW Does Anglesey Comic Con 15/06/19

It was the second year of Anglesey Comic Con and the sun was out! Perfect day for showcasing our community to the public!

We had a double table this year, as originally we were supposed to be collaborating with PuyoGB, but unfortunately they couldn't make it in the end.
We instead used the second table for Labo Demos (both the older versions and the newer VR editions.)

The first table had Smash Ultimate on it, and we invited up to 4 players to fight each other for glory.

We had free haribo and stickers, and also showed off what we'd done in the past, with our photobooks.

Rhodri also managed to set up a Switch on an OJO projector in the café area, so that got quite a few involved.

All in all a good day! It was well attended and of course ours was the busiest stall again! We even had batman playing Labo VR Blaster!

Here are a selection of photos from the day:

And Thanks to those who came to help us on the day, it was VERY much appreciated! :D 

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