Monday, 8 July 2019

Summer is What You Make it! 07/07/19

This event was part of NPUK's Building the Kingdom Challenge which was happening all over the UK throughout the month of July.

There were 3 classes to enter, but we also had to fit in our two league rounds and an art contest!

The art contest was all day, people could use the official Mario Maker 2 sketch book's graph paper, grab some of the provided pencil crayons and get creating! (Winner will be edited in to the end of the post at a later date.)

The raffle was of course on all day too. There was a good selection of prizes, all for just 50p a ticket.

We started the event itself with the Super Bell Class. Here, people had made levels at home and signed up using the level's code. We downloaded them onto one console, and put them on the big screen to showcase.
We asked a volunteer to play through the level, the requirements being it wasn't the level you created, and you knew how to play the game!

You can check them out here:

Some levels were quite hard though, so after two people attempted it a handful of times each, we let the creator show us the rest of it!

There was laughter at Paul's "Moley Land" and the craziness of it, but Luke's Chase the Claw won with the most votes after all 7 entries had been played through.

(once all 7 stages had been played, everyone was supplied with a small piece of paper. They had to write the number they wanted to vote for and put it in a tin.)

League Round 1 featured Crash Team Racing. The "different" bit was that the screen was upside down!
A lot of players opted to lie on the ground so they were looking at the projector upside down too!
One member had an interesting angle...

Mushroom class was next. This was a timed solo challenge where people had 45 minutes to create their levels. It was so quiet for those not taking part, but they took the chance to play on the big screens. We saw some 1,2, Switch, Mario Kart, Enter the Gungeon, Celeste, Rocket League and Mario Tennis Aces (amongst other things)

After 45 minutes was up, people had to clear their levels and upload them so we could acquire the codes.

Due to time constraints, we saved all the codes, and posted them online after the event so that people could vote on their favourites once they'd had chance to play them through themselves.

Round 2 of the league featured Super Mario Party.
The groups had to play a Remix of Sound Stage, but with no volume! It confused some, but others took to it really well.

The final NPUK challenge was the pairs challenge - Double Cherry class. We had 5 pairs, and they had 45 minutes to design their level. Some used two player mode. Others did solo mode but with both inputting ideas. Again, once the 45 minutes was up, they had to clear the level and upload it, for the later online voting.

To check out both Mushroom and Double Cherry Class levels, see the picture below:

And here were the end results after the national vote! Well done guys!

The final item of the day was the league tie breaker. This was between Bill and James. They had to do 'Barreling Along' - controllers were turned around so left was right and right was left.  It was neck and neck throughout the whole race, and Bill only just beat James at the finish line!

We finished with the raffle and the group photo.

Thanks to everyone who made it (apologies again that it had to be changed to a Sunday, though it was nice to see those who can't make it on a Saturday too!)