Sunday, 14 October 2018

Luigi's Ghost Party! 13/10/18

It was a rainy and windy day, but we had so much planned, nothing was going to stop us! People turned up in waterproofs and the heating was on for us to dry off with :)

One of our regulars, Spid, turned 18 recently, so we got some special cupcakes in instead of our usual brownies and flapjacks.

A random giant alpaca also appeared...

People started properly arriving at 11.00 but we didn't start our league round until about quarter to 12, as we had to take a bit of time making sure the teams were evenly spread. We had a handy 16 entered though, which meant 4 teams of 4!
In the meantime people played a bit of (family friendly?!) Jackbox!

Round 1 of the league we went back to Luigi's Mansion 2, as a nod towards the upcoming release of the original Luigi's Mansion for 3DS.  (Originally on Gamecube)
The teams seemed to work quite well together, and the aim was to get the fastest time, not the most W..!
5 floors, hunter mode, normal difficulty.

The Super Mario Party Tournament started after that, with groups of 3 or 4 tackling certain cups on the Mariothon, with the first round as the Toad cup, and the second one the Toadette cup.
The Mole got to be Monty Mole, but he unfortunately got knocked out in the first round!
Everyone loved watching the animations of the various characters, in particular Monty Mole and the Goomba.

We left the semi final and the final until after the next round of the league.

Round 2 of the league was "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes". We did suggest that those who had never played it, had a quick go with someone who knew how it worked. Some did, others didn't.
It was interesting to realise that "The Maze" was read in different ways.... did you go from bottom left, or top left?! (As long as your team thought the same as you, you were fine...)
There were 3 modules on the bomb, and teams had 5 minutes to defuse it.
Two teams managed to do it, and two teams didn't so what was originally supposed to be the minimum 1 points for an exploded bomb, got themselves 2 points instead.

While the league was happening, we tried out the "Two Switches together" bit of Super Mario Party. People had fun putting bananas together, and also on the "shell shocked" mode!

They also tried out the Baseball game.

Some of the others tried "Keep Talking" again, but on harder modes...
The alpaca was very interested...

We finished off the Super Mario Party tournament with the Kamek Cup Mariothon, and then the final was on the Sound Stage Remix.
The final was Drn, Ceri, Ben and Spid.

Monty Mole did come out top thanks to Drn's last efforts! Luigi/Ben came 2nd, winning £20 and £10 of eShop credit respectively.

Round 3 of the league was "Puzzle Hustle" - and the few who owned the game hadn't got to the specific level yet, so to go with the theme we chose the Boo puzzle. It was a quicker easy round, just to balance things out compared to round 2!

The tie breaker was a free for all battle mode on Snake vs Snake. John won the session's eShop credit.

We then finished with the prizes and the raffle, concluding with our usual group photo :) Well, sort of usual, except John who disappeared to the toilet and didn't say anything until he reappeared after the photo :P

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