Sunday, 12 August 2018

Summer of Colour #2! 11/08/18

The last Summer of Colour was a couple of summers ago (July 2016 in fact) but both included a reference to Runbow! This time it was the main tournament, as it had recently been released for the Switch!

Splatoon is also such a colourful game, and since the raffle was themed on Splatoon it made perfect sense :)

... though we were a little bit later than usual turning up to the venue to set up, only to find that the doors were still locked! Cue a call to Security, and a slightly frantic entrance with only 15 minutes to the start of the event, we finally got in, and all was go again!
Typical that this event had a few more visitors too!

The event itself started with a quick session of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, as Dale wanted to get some practice in before a tournament later in the month.

We were hoping to kick off round 1 of the league by 11.30 (The whole of the league session was dedicated to Splatoon 2 this time) but the working out of the day's teams was the most complicated yet.
Since we had both North Wales teams who'd been playing for the NPUK Squid League, we had some pretty high ranked players in there, with around 5 "X" ranks to start us off!
We decided that they would head a team each, and we ended up with 5 teams of 4, which was quite neat!
The next choices were randomly assigned, then we see who we had left, and tried to even out the teams with one member who had never played the game. Overall on stats, the teams were quite balanced, but what we didn't know until it happened, was how well a set team could then work together!

Round 1 was two games of Turf War. Moray Towers and then Goby Arena. People could use whatever weapons/gear/stats they wanted. Winning both games, got you 5 points, a loss was 1 point. If you won one each, then the highest score of the two games combined, decided who got 3 points and who got 2 points.

It overran slightly just because we had a couple of connection issues - the router/LAN play is quite easy once we get going, but the initial connection can be a bit of a headache!

We still made time for Overcooked though, we had two setups, one for each of the big screen, then a tabletop session for a couple of others too, there was a lot of laughter and shrieking, (no heckling about burgers though, as Jack wasn't playing...!) and on one of the levels, the whole of the team let out a massive gasp as their hot air balloon plummeted to the ground! (Unfortunately we weren't quick enough to capture that moment!)

Next up was round 2 of the league, which we started promptly at 1.30pm.
This time, the modes were Tower Control and Splat Zones. The stages were Sturgeon Shipyard and then Mako Mart.

One of the Tower Control games had to be restarted, because with everyone switching consoles back and forth, and some using inverted controls, others had to remember to change it back! 

While others were waiting for their turn on the league, we saw some 1 2 Switch as well as some WarioWare! 

Once the league round was over, we had our main tournament of the day: Runbow! We had 21 entrants which made a nice trio of 7s. It was supposed to be top 5 went through, but both of the first two groups only had a top 3, so the other "2" had to be found by everyone going again! It was just the standard running mode, so it moved pretty quickly, even with 10 rounds.

the problem when you have one console and up to 20 different controllers swapping in and out!

We played Arena for the next round, and then the final round was King of the Hill. It all ended rather abruptly, but then when you've got 8 people in the final and only top 2 get a prize, it was inevitable! (1st place was Drn, who took £20 eShop credit, and James took 2nd place with £10 eShop credit.)

Round 3 of Splatoon was next, to finish off all the competitions, and this time it was Rainmaker followed by Clam Blitz. The stages were Piranha Pit and then Blackbelly Skatepark. 

The matches seemed a little bit tighter this time round, with surprising Rainmaker sneaking too! 

As the way this league worked (and because there was an odd number of teams) the team with the lowest score for that round, got a second attempt against the fifth team.
In the last round, this happened to be Jack's team and Tessa's team... Both teams had the full 10 points so far, so it was all to play for!
It was Jack's team that won in the end though, but we were short on time, so we decided to do the raffle and photo before the tie breaker.

Well done to those who won prizes! :D

We then quickly did the tie breaker to see who would win the eShop credit for the session.
It was a Salmon Run, with your weapon of choice, on Marooner's Bay.

Dan ended up winning it by collecting over 1000 power eggs.

An ingenious idea for a Switch stand!

And just because both Squid League teams were present, we just had to get their team photos :)
Although NW2 got knocked out of the tournament a couple of weeks ago, finishing joint 9th. NW1 is still going however, with the finals being this coming Thursday, so let's hope the conclusion of the Squid League is a Welsh one, good luck lads! :D 

Team 2

Team 1