Sunday, 10 June 2018

NNW Does Anglesey Comic Con! 09/06/18

It was a first time for us, as we'd never been on the exhibiting side of the table. 
With Anglesey having its very first comic con, and us being just down the road, it was a no-brainer!

The organisers gave us a table in the middle of the hall at Beaumaris Leisure Centre, so that we were able to use the plug socket, as we were the only exhibitors that planned to use a television screen.

All day, we held a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Time Trial. We used standard setup, with pro controller (plugged in) and the track "Electrodrome" 

We were offering everyone who took part a guaranteed prize, using a sort of tombola/lucky dip kind of idea.

It was great to see all the different ages giving it ago, from small children, to their parents, and maybe even some grandparents!

During the day, we also had regulars Dale and Danny, showing people the games on 1,2, Switch. That picked up a lot of interest, and we had quite a few people playing Quick Draw throughout the day. We actually ran out of space at one point (sorry to the guy at the table on the right)!

We also had regulars Nick and Paul, playing StreetFighter on an OJO Projector screen on the wall of the eating area. This gained a little bit of interest for us too!

Our challenge was so popular, that in fact we ran out of prizes by 2pm!! The fastest time would win £10 eShop credit at the end of the day. (Well done to Paul G with his time of 2:15.796!)

The other tables were full of film/sci-fi based things, and there was also a guy doing zombie caricatures on request. 

On the far side there was a green screen for the cosplayers to take photos with, and the main stage was for the cosplaying competitions that happened in the middle of the day.
The event itself was very well attended, but once the cosplaying events had finished, it started to get quiet. A few still kept coming over to try out the challenge on our table, finishing with a guy dressed as the Joker!

1,2 Switch was playing on two consoles, and Danny's ended up being at 1% by the end! 

All in all, a good day was had by both us and (hopefully) those who visited our stall. It was lovely to see so many enthusiastic people wanting to play Mario Kart, and hopefully we'll see some of you again at one of our events! :D

Thanks to Dale and Emma for also taking some photos! 

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