Monday, 5 March 2018

Pokkén Tournament DX & More! (A NNW and BUMPS Collaboration) 04/03/18

We got there early, but then we had to do a quick dash to Asda at 11am (Sunday hours), so even though we'd set up in plenty of time, we didn't kick off the first things until nearly 12pm!

First, we drew the names for the Pokémon TCG. We had 10 entrants, but unfortunately two of the BUMPS guys got put against each other in the first round.
After the first round was completed, we drew the names for the league session.

This session the teams were pairs. The pairs were the same throughout the day, and we very tidily had 16 entrants!
The first game was Super Beat Sports - A game of "Rhythm Racket"
Drn got knocked out pretty early, but Cat kept going. John and Steven were against them. John scored a dramatic own goal so that left Steven and Cat, with Cat taking the victory.

Round 2 of the TCG was next. We were left with 5 people, so one of the losers from the first round was randomly drawn back in. 

It was time for the tournament for Pokkén Tournament DX to start! We had 16 entrants for that too, so we did a single elimination tournament (Sorry it couldn't have been longer, we were on a tight schedule!)

There were some tense matches, a surprising Pikachu Libre, and lots of speculation. BUMPS' Connor made it to the semi final along with regulars Jack and James, and newcomer Alex. We left the finals until after league round 2. 

Paul and Drn were fighting it out in the TCG final - Paul took the victory again! 

Round 2 of the league was Rhythm Paradise Megamix. The pairs got points based on how far they got on "Monster Maw 2" 

It was the quietest any event had been for a long time, at least for a good few minutes! (We'd suggested people brought headphones if they wanted to be able to hear it more accurately)

While all this was happening, there were plenty of opportunities for people to play their own things. We saw the new Pacman game (Crazy music!) courtesy of Paul's new OJO projector.

We also saw Overcooked, BOTW, Picross S, Payday 2, and also an older game: Theatrhythm Curtain Call (3DS)

Pacman at each end... 

We went straight on to the Pokkén finals. Unfortunately Connor and James got knocked out, which left Jack and Alex.

Alex took the victory! 

Lastly, we hurried on to round 3 of the league: Super Bomberman R

2 v 2 Grand Prix mode, crystals.

John surprised himself and everyone else when he collected 100% of the crystals and ended the round before the timer was up! 

Drn and Cat were top, so in order to see who won the eShop credit for the day, they had to battle it out on Rhythm Paradise Megamix: "Munchy Monk" Drn scored 88 and Cat had 93, so well done to Cat!

The raffle was drawn and the prizes were awarded, then we had our customary group photo :)

We totalled 26 attendees over the day, which was the most for a while; and it was nice to see some new faces too! We hope you enjoyed the event, and hope to see you at another one in the near future :)

Our next event is a mini'ish' meet on Sunday 15th April! See you there!