Monday, 12 February 2018

The Mario Party of all Parties! 10/02/18

The transport was the fun bit this time - trying to transport a crate full of cakes that had been prepared by a few of us the day before!
The cake pops were the most delicate...

The last time Jen made cake pops was about 3 years ago - for another Mario Party event (featuring Power Star cake pops), so these were created with a bit of help from regulars Emma and Chantelle :)

They also made "Galaxy" themed cakes, rainbow cakes, and gluten free chocolate cupcakes. 

Rhodri also gave some nicely iced (gluten free) buns. 

There were a few expected latecomers, so we didn't actually start the main event content until nearly 12pm, despite having sign ups from just before 11am. 
The gap was also used to get everyone set up on the router, as we hoped to use LAN play for the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe games, so we could have a better connection for 4 v 4.

People also had a quick practice on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. (To test the network connection)

Paul even tried out his Fight Stick on a Mario Kart time Trial!

First up was round 1 of the first session of our yearly league. This year is all about team work - you'll have to know how to work together to come out on top at the end of the day though! 

Round 1 was Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, VS. 

Since it was the first session, the teams were sorted randomly. 
Starting off, there were 3 groups of 3 and a 4. This allowed for others to join a bit later on. (and an odd number was always going to be inevitable anyway...)

The LAN mode was a good idea, since everyone was pretty much already set up, they connected seamlessly, with no disconnections whatsoever :)

The tracks were voted for, and of course Baby Park had to feature in there somewhere (for both sets of teams too!)
The only rule with tracks, was the common sense one of, if it's happened, you can't vote for it again. Characters and cars were free choice though.

The races involved hard CPU as well, so this could affect the score in both a positive and a negative way! 

First up was the 3 v 3, and second was the 3 v 4. 

The top two teams only had one point between them with 177 and 176. As the points split though, the higher team grabbed 5 points, and the other team grabbed 3. 

The main tournament of Mario Party Top 100 started next. As this was on 3DS it was a bit difficult to have proper spectators, so we saw various freeplay on the big screens, including the usual favourite: Overcooked! We also saw some Super Mario Odyssey and some Celeste - the music was fantastic! 

Mario Party was a single elimination bracket, but with the top 2 going through each time.

The first round were "Sports" type games, and the 2nd round were "Skills" type games.
There were 16 taking part, so it went to 8 then 4.
We decided to hold the final after round 2 of the league had taken place.

It was at that point, there was a mass exodus as Dylan decided it was time to grab a free pizza from the big pizza chain down the road!! 
(Who can refuse free food...?!)

While they were out, the ones of us who were left played a bit of 6 player Tetris on the 3DS. No items - Jen won 3-0. With items, Chantelle took the victory! 
(sorry to the guys who missed out on the Mario Kart bits...)

Once they were back from the Pizza place, we cracked on with Round 2 of the league. 

Round 2 was Mario Kart 7, VS again. 
People were either Shy Guy or Mario with standard setup, and the 4 races were random. 

The teams were set for the day, but by round 2 we had 3 teams of 4, and one team of 3. Sorry to those who ended up in the 3 this time, hopefully it'll even out over the year - Jack, Derwen and Daniel didn't do too badly either though, winning the maximum 5 points for this round! 

The final of Mario Party then took place: Ben, Sam, Drn and Paul were all in it fighting with games from the "Brains" party box; 1st winning £20 eShop credit, and 2nd place winning £10 eShop credit.
Well done to Paul and Drn respectively. 

Round 3 of the league happened next - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Battles!
We picked the 5 round mode so that we could cycle through all the different types of battle. 3 minutes was the time limit. 

We still had 4 teams of 4 and one team of 3.
It was close for 1st and second, with scores of 118 to 115. Drn, Paul, Rhodri and Ben's team pinched it though!

In the end, we only had one lot of eShop credit for the league, so the winning team had to actually battle each other to see who got the £10 eShop credit. Well done to Rhodri, who won a very crazy 200cc Star cup!! 

We were running a little bit behind at the end, so apologies to those who had to dash!

The raffle was done, and the group photo taken :)

Well done to those who won prizes!

Thanks to those who made it, and also welcome to new faces, and nice to see an old face too! 

Our next event isn't far away, a Pokkén/Pokémon themed event, taking place on Sunday 4th March in the same place! 

See you there! 

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