Monday, 15 January 2018

Nintendo North Worms 14/01/18

The first meet of the year is always more casual, although previously it had been Dance/Music themed, and last year saw us go down to London to see the première of the Switch by invitation!

We gave everyone the full day for this mini meet - there's just so many games to play.

It was nice for once, not to have a fixed schedule, and we tried to make sure there were a variety of things to play on the big screens.

We featured Worms WMD in particular, and also showcased Vostok Inc for Wired Productions. I think we might have sold someone on it too ;)

Other games we saw were Zelda BOTW, Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds, Rocket League, Overcooked, Puyo Puyo Tetris, and some Namco Museum.

There was also a bit of Tabletop 1 2 Switch.

We were supposed to do a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe session, but the unreliable local connection meant that we couldn't get a game. Since there were more than 4 wanting to play, we moved on to Mario Kart 7 and did a few Grand Prix on that too.
We also had a few rounds of Tetris on the 3DS, with and without items!

We had a special cake, made by Chantelle, decorated by herself and Jen - to mark Chan's departure from the area (hopefully to return one day!) and John, whose birthday was the following day. Unfortunately John didn't make it over for this event, but we know he was there in spirit! (Yes, shame we can't transmit cake via the internet!)

Dale was working on his newly branded MAGPodcast, with a peculiar technique for soundproofing...

Drn fell asleep in a corner...

Everyone had fun, and it was fantastic to start off the new year with some new faces, so welcome to those people too, and hope you enjoyed the day! :)

We of course finished off with our group photo!

Our next event is our first MAIN event, which takes place in the same venue, on Saturday 10th February 11-5.

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