Wednesday, 12 December 2018

NNW's Snow It All Christmas Event! 08/12/18

It was definitely Smash that everyone was there for!

As soon as we got there, Smash was set up on both big screens, without hesitation!

We let people get settled, and set up the raffle...

...but first up we had to do that all important tie breaker to see who would win the league trophies for 2018!

Once Rhys got there, we were ready to go.

3 rounds, different games; first up was 1 2 Switch (much to their surprise!)

Fake Draw!
After the first two sets, Jack won the first set, and Dan won the second.

 This meant that if Rhys won the third one, the round itself may as well be void!

Thankfully(?) Dan managed to get a second victory, claiming that round for himself.

The second round was on the newly released Smash Ultimate!
The 3 guys took it in turns to do a 1 v 1 match. This time, Jack won two of the sets (as "The Duck"), and Dan won one.

This unfortunately meant that Rhys was out of the running for a trophy! It also meant we had our two trophy winners! We just had to find out which way round they placed...

The third round was on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Here they had to do 4 sets of balloon battle. The Coms joined in as team mates, but it was the individual's scores we were watching. In the end, Jack beat Dan by just one point!

We had a decent space in the day for people to try out Smash Ultimate and challenge people to fights - we saw quite a lot of 6 player + games!
We also had an additional set up at the back of the room, thanks to Ben!

Around 12pm, we greeted Jaymes from UbiSoft, as he brought Starlink and the accessories for us all to try out! Thanks for that, it was much appreciated! :D

There was quite a lot of interest, and a few people were interested in buying it afterwards. One guy already owned it, but he hadn't see all the accessories with their various attachments!

At 2pm, we commenced the Quiz!

This year Dylan decided to invite the event attendees to write their own questions. (max 3) It meant that the quiz was pretty hard, but you could guarantee you had 3 points to start you off!

Jen also added in a music round, where she played live music excerpts for people to guess :) 

The funniest question was probably this one:

One of the answers was "Get a Life, Dylan!" (There's 700 levels by the way..!)

Also, the various answers to "wubba dubba dubba, that true?" The answer of course was "yeah!" but some put "no", "hmm...." and one even put "hmph!" That made us chuckle!

The final round of the quiz was all about Drn! He'd been in every event banner for 2018, so the question was to circle his face on each banner, which was printed on to an A4 sheet of paper (The full colour versions were either on the big screen or available on our Discord server.)

After the quiz, we had more freeplay. (Mostly Smash!), while Jen added up the Quiz Scores.
Some also managed to get some Splatoon 2 in!

Well done to Jack and Tess who won the quiz with 41 points. Although since they had a team name, they had to be referred to as Team "Manwhales Minus 2 Remix HD and Knuckles Funky Edition"!!

Throughout the day, we'd had a Katamari Damacy Reroll competition too. Using the demo version, the top prize went to the biggest Katamari.

It was Dale's actual birthday, so since the piano was around, there was a rendition of Happy Birthday played for him! :) 

At around 4.30pm it was finally time to award the trophies, so 3rd went to Dan, 2nd to Jack, and 1st place to Drn :D

There's always one person who's "too tall" ;) 

The raffle prizes were then given out. (The lovely warm pacman blanket was definitely appreciated!)

And of course, we rounded off the day with our usual group photo, but this time with added Christmas stuff... :P

Happy Christmas to all our followers, we hope you've enjoyed our events in 2018, and hope to see you all again in 2019! (Our first event is a mini meet on Saturday 12th January 2019.)

- Thanks to Chantelle for taking some of the photos, and to anyone else who helped out over the year too! :D

Monday, 19 November 2018

NNW's Poké-Go-Go! 18/11/18

This was our last Sunday event for a while, and even though we had no main tournament, the event had plenty going on!

With our usual themed raffle, the star prize was a Build-a-Bear Piplup!

It was our final league session, but we also had lots of freeplay available, an art contest, and a challenge on Smash for 3DS.

We originally planned to have a TCG tournament run by last year's Pokémon Society guy, but he wasn't able to make it in the end. Despite this, a couple of the members who'd brought their own decks, had a quick game in one of the gaps :)

During the day we showcased Indie game "GRIP Combat Racing"
It was a styled a tiny bit like Rocket League, which meant that some found it hard to play. But those who like the faster pace racing games appreciated being able to try it.

The league itself consisted of:
Go Vacation - the unfamiliar one that hardly anyone had played. Since we're just about in winter, we thought we may as well throw a snowball fight in!

Rocket League took a while - it was 2 v 2 and best of 3, so some of us got playing Pokémon Let's Go while we waited.

I think most people were trading rather than battling though - it's so useful to be able to link between Pokémon Go and Pokemon Let's Go, but only John seemed to have got to GO park!!
There was a fairly even split between who chose the Eevee or Pikachu version, but only a couple of people had brought their Poké ball plus. 

We also had some themed challenges which lasted through the day.

The first one was on Smash for 3DS, and the other one was an Art Contest.

The Art Contest was to draw your favourite Pokémon from memory (excluding Piplup who was on display next to them!)
There were some great attempts, but Cat's Mimikyu won the day. (Thanks to Ant and Pippa from Nintendo Basingstoke for being our online "on the spot" judges!)

Cat also won the 3DS challenge with the highest score, bagging a total of £20 eShop credit! 

The third round of the league was the most anticipated.
Earlier in the day, people were enjoying trying out Taiko no Tatsujin! 
Rhys had brought his drum along so it was great to be able to try it out. Since we only had one drum though, we had to use joycons for the league round. 

The chosen track was "Yo Kai Exercise No 1" on normal difficulty. 

It was great to see it being played in tabletop mode too, as Spid and Nick were button mashing super fast!

Of course with this year's league, there's always a tie breaker at the end to see which individual wins the day's £10 eShop credit!

Spid and Nick faced it off on extremely hard "Flight of the Bumblebee"
It was stupid crazy, but everyone had so much fun watching it! Spid won in the end though!

We concluded by awarding the credit, and drawing the raffle. #JohnWinsEverything struck again.... but after winning two decent prizes he decided to let someone else have the prizes :P

And of course, we finished with our usual group photo!
We had a slightly smaller group than usual, but we had twice the fun with the drums and Pokémon ;) (And Jen even managed to get some games in for once too!)

Our next (and final 2018) event is less than 3 weeks away on the 8th December, don't miss it!!!!
Why?? Because we STILL don't know who's got the trophies yet!!
Drn has guaranteed the 1st place trophy (yay) but there's 3 people in 2nd place... and only 2 of them can walk away with a trophy, so I guess we'll find out which two, two weeks on Saturday! :D