Sunday, 10 December 2017

Have a "Cappy" Christmas! 09/12/17

We got to the venue for 10am, but because we had fewer games and no league, we were set up by 10 past, so the few of us who were early enjoyed a quick catch up, and the new DLC from Zelda: Breath of the Wild was put on the big screen. Looked impressive!

Once the rest started arriving, everyone got settled, and enjoyed some practice for the Rocket League Tournament, as well as some other games, both on Switch and 3DS.

All day, we also had 3 challenges from Super Mario Odyssey. People could try them as many times as they wanted throughout the day, but they could only declare 3 times, and the deadline was 4.30pm. 

Everyone also had the opportunity to grab a free Cappy hat, and a Super Mario Odyssey poster, though we were saving the special Odyssey posters (Two, signed by voice of Mario, Charles Martinet himself) for the winners of the Quiz. The trophies to be awarded to this year's SPGL top 3 were also displayed in their full glory up on the front table! 

Some of the day's prizes.

At 12pm, we kicked off with "Nintendo North Wales' Hardest Quiz!"
People were allowed to compete either as an individual, or as a pair, but if you were a pair, then you'd have to split the prize. The prize was a signed poster (x2) and £20 eShop credit. 

^That one "easy" question until you realise you can't just check your T-shirt! 

It was indeed the hardest quiz. Apart from maybe Question number 27....which Dylan blurted out the answer by accident. Only one person wasn't listening ;) 

The final round was about the actual group - most people didn't realise how old we were (we were 5 years old a couple of weeks ago) and we'd also asked how many venues we'd been in since day one, then realised we'd missed a couple ourselves!! 

After all that, the top scorers bagged the prize- Derwen and Rhys scored 36 out of 54. 
Good effort to everyone though, even the newer members that gave it a go! :)

We had a bit of a break then, so people either went to grab some lunch, stayed and chatted, or played some more games. 

At 2pm, we started the Rocket League Tournament. One oversight from us, was that we let Challonge do the work, and set it up using a Round Robin Format. We didn't think anything of the 7 suggested rounds, until it got to our usual time for prizes at 4.30, and realised we still had 3 more groups to play, and that was before the top cut had happened! 

Sorry to those who had to leave early and miss the prizes/group photo! 

The top cut ended up being just the final 2, playing for the actual prizes.

Kieron and Dale won £15 of Amazon credit each, and James and Steven got themselves £10 of eShop credit each. 

Meanwhile, people were attempting the Odyssey challenges, Bound Bowl was probably the most difficult one, but a few attempted it, with Chris grabbing 1st prize, a cappy lanyard and £10 eShop credit. He also won the Remote Control Car challenge...

but we ended up with a 4-way tie for the Trace Walking, so they finished the event by doing a Koopa Freerun. 

While others were waiting for the Rocket League Tournament to finish, they got out the old novelty 1,2, Switch. It's always a favourite in the "in between" event bits! 

Finally, at nearly 6pm(!) we managed to finish...sorry guys haha, we usually have a track record of finishing on time (unless it's a collaboration) but this time we had no excuse ;)

We managed to get a group photo with whoever was left, and a special couple of photos with the SPGL winners too, Congratulations to those 3 in particular, and of course all the people who won the various prizes too! :D 

John ended up ducking just because he was so tall doing that standing up, his trophy was almost touching the light! 

Thanks to everyone who's supported us in 2017, to our members both local and far away, the NPUK network and of course to our friends at Nintendo UK :D

Looking forward to 2018 and what that will bring! our next event is on Sunday 14th January, and the new year's league will start at our February event. 

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