Sunday, 19 November 2017

NNW and BUMPS Collaboration 18/11/17

A few of us got set up- the room this time was a blank canvas, so we set up all the chairs and the tables how we needed them.

People started arriving properly from 11am, getting signed up for whatever they fancied.
The raffle caught a lot of people's eyes this time, what with a Build-a-Bear Squirtle amongst other things!

We were selling the special cans at cost price. As pretty as they looked, there were some weird flavours.... cucumber anyone?!

The final league session kicked off at half past 11, it ended on the Wii U, so first up was Mario Kart 8.
The first race for some reason ended up being ridiculously dramatic, ending up in a lot of noise, Paul thinking he was driving a real car, and then Drn falling off his chair!!

We were originally going to overlap everything, but we only had a small number sign up for the VGC Pokémon Sun/Moon Tournament (the usual favourites were away this time) and a lot more for the TCG (Usually the numbers were the opposite, so we had just 4 for the VGC, but 8 for the TCG...)
We therefore decided to alter the schedule. The TCG had its own slot, so that people didn't have to pop in and out of stuff if they were in multiple things. (Quite a lot of our guys will sign up for anything usually ;) )

TCG was best of 3, and single elimination. The final ended up being Paul vs Drn, and Paul took the final victory, winning a new deck of cards provided by BUMPS
themselves :)

Meanwhile, there was some Rocket League going on, on the main screen. 

All day there was also the usual "Switch" Challenge, which was the "Jumpin' Jazz" game. 
Usual rules of 3 declared attempts, but you could practice as many times as you like. I swear Nick was there for half the day..., a fair few attempted it though, as for some, that crucial/potential 5 point "switch" was needed! Cat won the 5 points though, which meant those fighting at the top of the league table, it didn't make an awful lot of difference in the end! 

During the TCG, people also managed to fit some Overcooked in on the big screen!

Once the TCG was over, we were supposed to have Runbow as Round 2, but we ended up swapping the rounds around when Dylan realised that Runbow wanted to do a system update and we weren't on the internet! Cue one of our members setting up a hotspot, with phone on the window sill to get the best signal!!

Super Mario Odyssey also made an appearance on the other big screen...

Therefore, round 2 ended up being a mini game from Mario Party 10. The pumping balloon one...

For some reason, this group decided to recreate their characters' poses in the picture above this one :P 

Once round 2 was over, we got on with the VGC tournament. 

Everyone got to play everyone, and the final was Dan of BUMPS, vs Derwen. Dan took the victory, earning himself £20 of eShop credit, and Derwen took the £10 credit.

While the VGC tournament went on, the non-Pokémon people were attempting the "Smash" challenge on the 3DS/Wii U. You were allowed to practice on the 3DS, but your 3 scores had to be done on the Wii U. (If you got a 0 score you were allowed another go)
James thought he'd smashed everyone out of the water getting 501.4m, but then Steven got lucky with 543.7... Kieron was the winner though, when he wiped them out with a 632.8m throw! £10 eShop credit was the prize for that!

Once the VGC tournament had finished, we then did the final round of the league, which was Runbow(!)
At this point we had a few newcomers appear, so they watched the end, and we chatted about Mario Kart and Splatoon, and some of our usual members were on the other big screen playing 1,2, Switch.

I looked over and noticed that they (Kieron and Nick) had put "Runway" on.. fair enough...
The next minute there was hysterics, as before we knew it, Nick had torn his jeans in his enthusiasm for the catwalk!!!

Last we heard of the jeans, they were in an Asda Supermarket bin somewhere!!!

We actually finished slightly early, so some members rounded the day off with a bit of Tabletop multiplayer Rocket League. 

James won the league session, being the only one with the max 15 points; but the winners overall have now been decided!

John Edwards wins gold, Nick Phillips takes Silver, and Rhys Roberts takes bronze! Congratulations! 

The raffle and prizes were of course at the end too, so well done to Dan winning the Squirtle Star Prize, and well done to the rest who won something too!

Despite the quiet VGC, the other games were well attended, and we had a good number of attendees throughout the day. Even a thanks to the BUMPS guy who popped in just to buy a can! :P 

Welcome to the newcomers as well, we hope you enjoyed what you saw, and will come back to another event in the future :)

We also took a "merch" picture. So good to see our shirts and hoodies being worn about the place :D 

Our next (and final for 2017) big event is only 3 weeks away. Rocket League tournament, Odyssey challenges, and of course the awarding of the trophies from our year long league! See you there! 

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