Thursday, 12 October 2017

Super Metroid Madness 07/10/17

We were in the same building, but downstairs this time. The room was much smaller with only one screen, but it was still bigger than our original venue. The only drawback being we had to provide our own projector. (Special thanks to Emma and her friend Chris for sorting this out!)

We got set up with the SNES mini on the big screen, but also featured some freeplay on the new Pokkén Tournament DX for the Switch.

There was also some time for the tabletop version

Once everyone had arrived and signed up, we got started with Round 1 of the penultimate session of the league. Today's session was on the 3DS, so we started off with the expected Mario Kart 7.
The setup was 150cc, random tracks.

Next up was the SNES mini tournament.
There were 4 rounds, where people took it in turns individually to either get the best score or time.
The games were: F-Zero (Mute City), Kirby (Gourmet Race), Super Metroid and Super Mario World (Star World 1)

Round 2 of the league was Tetris. We had groups of 3 or 4, and as the simplest game, it was just about who survived the longest!

The SNES mini finals were in pairs or individuals.
The games were: Street Fighter for the quarter final

Yoshi's Island was used for the semi final - 1 player, and the other 3 weren't allowed to look!

and of course, everyone then expected Super Mario Kart to be the final. John and Rhys battled this out, with Rhys taking the victory on 100cc Mushroom Cup.

The final round of the league was the old favour Luigi's Mansion 2. I'd missed the sound of the boss ghost! And the music in general!
It later transpired that one member's R button wasn't working properly, which was a bit unfortunate as that was the main control needed to suck up all the "w"...! (Don't forget to tell us before you start if your console has any problems or issues, you'll always be welcome to borrow a working console just for the round if needed!)

We finally finished with the awarding of prizes, and of course the draw for the raffle. We'd thrown in some eShop but the star prize was the little "Squishy" Metroid Plush, made by ""

and of course, the group picture :)

We're looking forward to paying a visit to Play Expo this weekend, so look out for some of our favourite Tavington Crafts prizes coming to a future event!

We're also looking forward to our Pokémon collaboration event next month with the Bangor University Masters of Pokemon Society, on the 18th November!

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