Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Splatoon Summer Splashdown 06/08/17

This event was going to be the biggest technical challenge yet - Our Splatoon events in the past had involved two Wii Us set up on two different TVs, but with the Switch being so portable, we were able to finally have our dream 4 v 4 matches, with a spectator thrown in too!

First things first, we'd made a second photobook as a sequel to the first one, so we have books covering day one until the name change in June. It was lovely to see people sifting through them, especially older members trying to work out what their first events were, and then the look of disbelief when they realised that we've been going for about 4 years (at least on an official level!) :)

Equipped with drinks and plenty of cakes we were ready for our NPUK regional Splatoon 2 Qualifier! Thanks to Derwen for providing the colourful standee for the day!

Sign ups as usual were at 11am, and tradition followed with SPGL Round 1.
Today's league was based on the Wii, so we obviously had to start with Mario Kart Wii!

The Switch Challenge was to get the highest score in StreetPass Zombies- Downtown Stadium Showdown.

The tracks were Moo Moo Meadows, Wario's Gold Mine, Maple Treeway and Rainbow Road.

A few of our members loved the Vans Range of Nintendo things last summer, and quite a few have the shoes, but it was nice to catch this shot too :P

"You know you're at a Nintendo North Wales meet when..."

It wasn't long before Splatoon 2 started, although it took over half an hour to get the setup sorted - We were using LAN play, no internet and just a wireless router. One Switch was the host (and spectator) and all the competitors connected wirelessly to the router.
Once it got going, it worked very well, with no dropouts at all! 

We used a round robin system, which meant everyone got to play everyone (randomly assigned teams) - There were 4 rounds in total.

Wireless LAN play, using just a router and a LAN adapter for the host console.

What you could do with Spectator mode was absolutely amazing! It puts a whole new angle on playing Splatoon! Particularly liked being able to see the rain cloud from the top...! 
Being able to focus on certain players made it more interesting too, and kept the tension and drama for those watching. We had a second screen to watch on, just so that the players could focus and the ones solely watching could have their own "cinema" like experience ;)

Check out the video of Spectator mode here:

Due to the initial connection issues, we were overrunning slightly, but we headed straight on to round 2 and 3 of the league.

Round 2 was Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time.

Competitors had to play Holly-Bollywood Game in the Bouncarium. 

While the league was happening, the second side of the room was set up with Pacman VS from the Bandai Namco Museum. 

The final Round of the SPGL session was New Super Mario Brothers Wii, but was only brief with one stage, as time was against us this time!

We managed to fit in the raffle just before the first person had to leave, phew! Apologies that the end was a bit rushed, as it meant that there should have been a league tiebreaker, but one score was overlooked! 
Congrats to both James and Paul who scored 13 in the session. 

The Splatoon finalists were the top 4 individuals after the round robin, these were:
Angus, Jack, James and Drn. Congrats guys!

"Do a Splatoon themed pose!"

Jack will be leading the team to the final which will take place in the North, and then the winner of the North final will go against the South finalist in a Grand Final down at EGX! Best of luck guys! 

And of course we ended with our traditional group photo... and a silly one! :)

See you next time for our Mario & Rabbids themed mini'ish' meet, same venue, same time. Saturday 2nd September! 

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