Tuesday, 31 January 2017

SPNW's First Event of 2017! 29/01/17

After the debacle of Academi last year (and previously!) we decided to try and get a more reliable venue, but that will be a bit of trial and error, so don't forget to let us know what you think of the "new" venues we use!

This time we went with our usual summer venue - Bar Uno. Because it was during term time, we had a certain corner, but we also had the full menu for lunch!

Just before we kicked off our event, one of our most regular members, John, had written an article for the metro: Praising StreetPass, the community, and lamenting the disappearance of the function on the upcoming Switch. Read about it here:

We arrived and set up before 11, and people started arriving and signing up for things from on the hour.

First up was round one of the new league for 2017: SPGL "Retro" - ExciteBike.
It took a bit longer because it was one player at a time.
We used Selection B, and were looking for the best time. Dylan originally gave them a choice which track, but then realised that one was a lot shorter than the others, so the first few had to redo theirs and it was decided that we'd stick to track 1.

From the start of the event, we announced the challenge: Time Trial on Melody Motorway, Mario Kart 7. Any set up. People had up until 4.30pm and could enter up to 3 times. (But could attempt it as many times as they wanted to.)

This was the new addition to the league. Yes it's the Retro League, but it's also the year of Nintendo's next generation: The Switch.
Therefore in honour of this, we scored the challenge in the same way we do the league session rounds, and gave people the option to swap out one of their league rounds in favour of their score from the challenge. (Obviously if they did worse at the challenge this didn't apply, but it also gave those who couldn't turn up until a bit later, chance to enter a score for 3 rounds' worth, giving a decent standing on the league table.) This "Switch" scheme will be available at every main event that contains a league session!

After round 1 was over, we had a quick break which gave people chance to order food.
The main tournament was themed around the idea of "Farewell Wii U" as it was the last event before the release of the Switch.
We assumed we'd have around 16 entrants, which filled out nicely on the leaderboard. We had 15 in the end, and the first round contained 3 mini games from Wii U Party. We had 3 groups of 4, and one of 3. The first group ended up in a tie breaker for 2nd place. (Top 2 went through)

1) Balance Broncos

2) Close Knit

3) Alley Hoops

Tie Breaker: Mad Hatters - but since there were only 2 players at this point, Dylan had to be the other "two" but told the competitors at the beginning that he would always press "A". One of them grew wise to the fact that one hat was worth slightly more points (as long as it wasn't under button "A") - So Kieron ended up winning that position.

Down to 8 players, so we had 2 groups playing a Super Mario Wii U Coin Battle:

We had a short break then, and Dylan announced that the semi final was a game of Fronks from Warioware. A lot of people hadn't played it before (or had never heard of it) so we let those *not* competing have a freeplay of it while we got things ready for the actual competitors. 

Rhys and Chan made it through to the final: Mario Chase, and for this round we brought back some of the people who got knocked out first, if they were willing!

Each finalist had to go against 4 "losers" and keep hidden from them. The time they survived determined who won. Dylan allowed them two attempts, and Chan was by far the strongest of the two, lasting 3mins 45 and 2 mins 35 respectively. Rhys managed a mere 20 seconds and then 44 seconds before being found! 

The game drew quite a crowd behind them though, such was the tension of the final. It was high stakes this time with 1st grabbing a whopping £40 of eShop credit, and 2nd walking away with £20. 

After that we had another little gap for freeplay, which gave chance for some of the latecomers to give some of the featured games a go. 

Round 2 of the league followed - this was Ice Climbers, and people had to just see how far they got, their final score being the important bit. A lot of people were out within seconds, but James managed to keep going for quite a while! (We thought John had been good!)
John's score was a mediocre 4990 against James' 49210!!! Despite this, they still both bagged the maximum 5 points for that round. 

Round 3 was the last main activity of the day, and this featured an old favourite too: Dr. Mario. (It had appeared last year via a different console.) Competitors attempted it in pairs, and if they won outright, they could get 5 points (losers getting 1 point) but if it was a bit closer, they would get 3 and 2 respectively. 

The Mario Kart Challenge was entered by 13, but only really because Jack was determined to make sure he got 5 points, so persuaded as many people to enter as possible! 
Chan pipped James to the top with a time of 2.02.163, against 2.02.964. Jack was safe in 3rd with 2.03.382. (Top 4 got the 5 points)

People then checked out their current standings and decided whether or not to "switch" (most did, as the challenge was more familiar to most, so they tended to perform better!)

We ended our event with the usual prize giving and raffle draw. The star prizes for the raffle were the Power Star (made by Tavington Crafts) and the special edition Luigi Wii Remote Plus. 
Well done to all those who won prizes, and thank you to John who dontated the pin badges too!

Customary group photo marked the end of the event: 

Even though quite a few couldn't stick around for the whole day, it was nice to see some familiar faces pop in, and of course a warm welcome to all newcomers (and welcome back to the old ones too ;)  We had a very modest number of 24 overall attend today, not bad!)

Our next event is super exciting because it marks the release of the Nintendo Switch! Catch us on Saturday 4th March from 11am in the Wheldon Building, Lower Bangor! :D

And don't forget if you have anything to add, want to contribute, or have ideas for the group, just let one of the admins know via the usual channels! :)