Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Olympics to GO! 14/08/16

We arrived a little bit early for being let in, but we spotted a Squirtle and a Charmander on the Pokémon GO "sightings" tab, so we went on a mini hunt before 10am. No luck though, as they ran away before we found them!

We got set up promptly at 10am and let people settle in with some freeplay as they arrived and signed up.
We had Mario Kart 8 on the go on two consoles and then a smaller console setup with a few games to choose from. This was courtesy of Jeremy, who was visiting from Basingstoke for the second time, and brought along his updated amiibo music box for all to enjoy as well!

We started at the earlier time of 11.30 with round 1 of the league, to allow gaps for people to go hunting Pokémon. We had set up a few lure modules throughout the day to see what people could catch, but this time it was fairly quiet, presumably because all the students who played on the campus had moved out for the summer by now.
There were a few back and forths of the gym down the road so we knew who was on their way up out of the Pokémon GO players.

We also left a few gaps in the day to allow for Pokémon hunting.

We had Team badges for the Pokémon GO fans - all they had to do was give me the secret word associated with their team. Team Valor was Passion, Team Mystic was Wisdom, Team Instinct was Truth.

The SPGL Athlon session theme was "Sports" to honour the month of the Olympics; as the main Rio Olympics game was our major tournament (Wii U) and long jump high score challenge (3DS)

The first round was Bob-omb Dodge from Mario Sports Mix. 4 player, and ranked in the order they got knocked out. It was over pretty quickly, as we had 11 people to start with and we did it over two consoles.

The main tournament kicked off and it was an "octathlon", meaning that every entrant got to do all 8 of the activities. Dylan put everyone's individual scores into a big spreadsheet and the overall top 4 got to play in the final.

Before we kicked off the final, we did Round 2 of the SPGL Athlon session: Metroid Prime: Blast Ball!
Just before it started, Paul and Sarah appeared from South Wales! What a surprise! (Well, a couple of us were expecting them, but they'd only given us a couple of days' notice :P)

Paul was perfect to help out with Blast Ball as he happened to be looking for fellow players and was hoping he could find some up in the north. Some who had never played it before found that they loved it, so after the rounds were over (complete with tutorial from Paul for each group) a group of 4 carried on playing it!

After round 2 was over, it was time to get on with the final of the Rio Olympics!

The final was "hard" level gymnastics on "Reach for the Stars".

It was very intense (note concentration faces!), but Jack came out top gaining £20 of eShop credit, with Drn 2nd and £10 of eShop credit. Chan came a respectable 3rd and won a drink from the bar. In doing the final though, they unlocked expert mode, which they just had to try out after the competition had ended! Check out how they did here:

Round 3 was the old classic Wii Sports Tennis. Most people had played this previously as it came with the original wii console back in the day! :P

Some used a flick of the wrist, and others did almost real life power shots! Either way they had to be careful they didn't end up batting their opponents in the face!

After 3 rounds it ended up being a tie between Jack and Kieron, so they fought one final battle on Ice Hockey from Mario Sports Mix. It was very close, but at the last minute, Kieron's character got pushed off the side by a rogue ice block, meaning that Jack won the SPGL session too!

We had plenty of time this event so everything was able to have a short break in between, for food, drinks and/or pokéhunting (and obviously playing 3DS games too!)

We ended up with 10 minutes at the end before the raffle draw, so I did a shout out for the 3DS challenge again. James and Drn were so intense about it, and both had got over 10m by the end of the day. Drn managed to scrape the victory though with  10.174m (and James with 10.105m)
Drn had been trying so hard on the demo version that he'd unlocked non-accessible games on the proper version! Good effort Drn! :P

The raffle was drawn and Jack ended up winning the Pokémon GO plus token, with little Jack winning the Charizard plush, Chan taking the Pikachu and Derwen took the eShop credit and the keyring.

We had our customary group photo, and an updated club shirt photo with all the new orders!

Thanks to all the helpers, as well as the support from members. Thanks to our special guests Jeremy, Paul and Sarah for not only travelling the distance, but also helping out on the day too!

Our next main event won't be until mid October, but we'll be having a music themed league (one round of which involves Donkey Konga!) Date TBC.
We hope to have a more casual meet in September, so watch out on our social media pages/group for news and announcements!

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