Monday, 9 May 2016

SPNW does Retro Rewind Gaming Fair! 08/05/16

Not such an early start as the Expo back in November, and much more prepared with a full admin team!
We got set up with a Bomberman SNES challenge, "Guess What's in the Item Box" and freeplay Pokkén Tournament.

We had Nick/Jack on Pokkén, as they were the most experienced at it, especially as Jack had just taken part in the SPUK Pokkén Tournament final the night before. (Although representing Northamptonshire :P)

Jen looked after the Item Box, naturally...

Dylan ran the bomberman challenge.

Rhys went as Han Solo for the Cosplay competition.

Pokkén was especially popular with the crowds, so that kept us busy!

We kept hearing that it was a really hot day outside, but since we were next to the (open) door, we only felt the draft!

It was great chatting to people and promoting our group to a wider audience.

#Johnwinseverything won BOTH of our challenges, so the regulars just groaned and muttered the hash tag!!

Everyone seemed to have fun, and we hope to join the Retro Rewind guys for their next big event, where funds are raised for the charity Stop Hunger.

Since we were over in Llandudno, the team that had helped during the day all popped over to the pier to have a go on the new Mario and Sonic at the Rio olympics machines...

Ending the day with a chilled out pub meal and pint. :)

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