Monday, 16 May 2016

Star Fox Land and Puzzles! 14/05/2016

Slightly amusing start to the day when the security guard letting us into the venue asked us "Why on earth would you want to spend a whole day indoors when you have a glorious sunny day like this??"
To which we of course replied: "We're gamers?" ... "ahhhh! totally makes sense!" replied the security guard with a wink!

On to setting up, and we had quite a few early arrivals, so once the equipment was ready, people wasted no time in trying out Star Fox Zero and a few rounds of "Mario Chase" on Nintendo Land.

The rest of the people gradually drifted in, and we had the most people we'd had in a while at a high of 24.

We had a great and slightly unusual Star Raffle Prize which was a Big "T" Tetris cushion! (In the proper colour, of course!)

First up was Round 1 of the SPGL Athlon, where 4 people at a time attempted to be the fastest to clear 40 lines in a sprint.
There was one match where it was 50/50 who would be first, but Drn lost his nerve in the last second and lost by accidentally dropping all the pieces!! Ben won that round.

The Nintendo Land Challenges started swiftly afterwards, as we had a lot to get through, especially with 19 entrants, which again was the most we'd had in a while. There was a limited edition badge for each game featured: Sweet Days, DK crash Course, Ninja Castle, Zelda Battle Quest, and Luigi's Ghost Mansion. We only just found out that the badges were awarded to people at E3 back in 2012 for attempting the games whilst there!

Sweet Days was a group of 4 vs Dylan as the "knife and fork" - people realised that if they got the most sweets with one life left, then if they got caught they could end the game and still win. Yes it was all about strategy and who worked out the best strategy first! Some waited in vain for a 3-point tree, whilst others went straight for the stray sweets and single trees, keeping on the run! It started as top 2 stayed in, and then top 1 only. Jack won the first badge of the day.

DK Crash Course started with Drn, who from a previous event we knew he was quite good at this one... He finished the course in good time, but then John hopped on.... John was super confident and wiped the floor with Drn's score, as everyone looked on in disbelief. Despite the almost certain winner, it was nice to see that everyone who'd signed up was still willing to give it a go!

Ninja Castle again saw a few good scores, but with most just giving a go for fun! John won again.

A few people nipped out to fetch food at that point, and John came back with a couple of boxes of cornetto- they went like....umm... hot cakes?!

To break things up a bit, we then did round 2 of the SPGL Athlon Session: Tetris Online for 3DS. We often play this at mini meets with up to 8 players (and items on) but this time it was for 4 players on a vs Battle, with items OFF! There was a danger that the game could potentially go on for ages, but thankfully this wasn't the case, as someone always seemed to lose their nerve to their opponents! At the end of round 2 we had 3 people with maximum points though, so this was going to make round 3 interesting, especially as the entire game was switching to a different series...

Zelda Battle Quest  came back on for Nintendo Land challenges, and sought out those with the steadier hand and the eagle eyes. Maybe some were just used to shooting arrows at monsters?! Ben won that badge.

While some were doing the challenges others were on the freeplay setup, with Runbow being popular, and the discovery of "Epic Dumpster Bear" and "Super meat boy" courtesy of Rhys' catalogue of games...

Little Sean had been running around until this point, but had finally run out of energy and was found spark out :P

The final challenge was Ghost Mansion, so with Dylan as the ghost, people had to run away from him or kill him. This required a bit of luck as well as skill and most people ended up getting caught by Dylan rather than other way round. Again, top 2 went through and then top 1. The final had 4, and it was a bittersweet ending as the two players were in the same space when Dylan went for them, and the computer ended up choosing to catch Ben, which meant that Leonie grabbed the victory and the final badge!

Round 3 of SPGL Athlon was Dr. Mario on Wii U: Standard Classic mode, 2 player. If it was 2-0, the points were 5-1; and if it was 2-1, the points were 3-2.
Since there were 3 with maximum points, we shuffled most names randomly, and let the younger one mix in, but we put the older two (John and Ben) head to head. There was an inevitable tie with two people; so Ben and James ended up going head to head in the tiebreaker; in Dr. Luigi! James came out top and bagged himself the £10 eShop credit.

We had overrun slightly, which is unusual for us, but we saw this as a good thing since we had a slight boost of people :D A couple of people had to leave early, but thankfully most were able to stay, so we did the raffle and prizes before having our customary group photo!

Well done to Derwen for winning the Star Prize, and the rest for your prizes too.

Welcome to a new face, and welcome back to a few old faces too! hope to see you all again at future events!

There will be some kind of mini/casual meet in June, but our next main event will be in early July most likely. Watch out in the group for an official announcement in the near future :)

Monday, 9 May 2016

SPNW does Retro Rewind Gaming Fair! 08/05/16

Not such an early start as the Expo back in November, and much more prepared with a full admin team!
We got set up with a Bomberman SNES challenge, "Guess What's in the Item Box" and freeplay Pokkén Tournament.

We had Nick/Jack on Pokkén, as they were the most experienced at it, especially as Jack had just taken part in the SPUK Pokkén Tournament final the night before. (Although representing Northamptonshire :P)

Jen looked after the Item Box, naturally...

Dylan ran the bomberman challenge.

Rhys went as Han Solo for the Cosplay competition.

Pokkén was especially popular with the crowds, so that kept us busy!

We kept hearing that it was a really hot day outside, but since we were next to the (open) door, we only felt the draft!

It was great chatting to people and promoting our group to a wider audience.

#Johnwinseverything won BOTH of our challenges, so the regulars just groaned and muttered the hash tag!!

Everyone seemed to have fun, and we hope to join the Retro Rewind guys for their next big event, where funds are raised for the charity Stop Hunger.

Since we were over in Llandudno, the team that had helped during the day all popped over to the pier to have a go on the new Mario and Sonic at the Rio olympics machines...

Ending the day with a chilled out pub meal and pint. :)