Monday, 21 March 2016

Casual Mini Meet (#15) 18/03/16

It was the first time we'd tried Burger King as a mini meet venue, as well as an absolute age since we'd had this style of mini meet, with the previous one being around a year ago in Varsity!

It was the last day of term for university students, so we thought it would be nice to have a chilled out meet, complete with weird flavoured soft drinks.

We saw a few of the usual members, as well as a few new faces! It's always nice to be able to welcome in new faces as they discover all the genres of games we enjoy :)

After everyone had order a quick snack, we got on with the games.

We played Mario Kart 7, Tetris, Bomberman and Luigi's Mansion 2 as group games, with people on the side also playing things like Bravely Second and Animal Crossing.

Much fun and lots of laughs were had, although no pictures this time, as the group was scattered throughout the afternoon, with some having to dash off to their evening activities, and others joining after work.

We hope the newcomers enjoyed themselves, and we manged to persuade them to come back again soon!

Don't forget that our next BIG event is our annual collaboration with BUMPS, as well as a SPUK national launch tournament for Pokkén.

Oh yes, and the Pokémon themed cake competition - don't forget to get baking! :D