Monday, 18 January 2016

Mini Meet #14 - Dance Jam! 16/01/16

We had the Dance workout last year, so we thought we'd kick off with similar, but more chilled out and more varied games.

This time we had Just Dance 2016 and We Sing, courtesy of Cat. People also played a bit of Runbow, Tetris.
Dancing proved fairly popular, and a great laugh too.

About halfway through, one of our regulars offered to go and get his setup for Rock Band. When he got back, he realised that he'd forgotten the drumsticks and the controllers, so no one could sing properly; and whoever played the drums had to improvise with empty cola bottles!  

It was chilled out until the end, when someone suggested Tetris and asked Jen if she wanted to join. Jen is one of the best players in the local area (although Dylan is a fairly even match... sometimes!)

We also held a quick discussion of what kind of games people would like to see in this year's league :)
If you attended and suggested something, I'm sure you'll see some of the suggestions popping up throughout the year!