Sunday, 29 November 2015

SPNW does Retro Rewind Expo! 22/11/2015

The hype was real! This was the first ever charity event that SPNW had been a part of, and also one of the biggest collaborations.

SPNW had its own setup in a corner of the venue, complete with both challenges and promotional material. It kept the regulars on their toes, whilst promoting to any interested new people :)

The lead up certainly wasn't smooth though, with one major trader pulling out, one organiser in hospital and another with a broken finger! We pulled through though, and fair dos, the guys pulled off an amazing and near flawless event!

SPNW itself was fine up until the day itself, where out of 3 Founders, only 1 was able to make it! Backup was called though, and at short notice a selection of our regulars stepped up to help out.

Our stand consisted of:

NES Remix Challenge: Get the best time on the first level of Legend of Zelda. (£10 eShop to win)
Mario Maker: Get the fastest time on the "Retro Rewind" level. (Mario plush to win)
Mario Kart 7: Time Trial on Melody Motorway (any setup.) (£10 eShop to win)

We also had our photobook showing past events, leaflets and business cards, as well as a newly made large standee standing proudly in the background!
We also had our giant AR card which people seemed fascinated by, although most didn't dare to try it!

The event itself was 9am until just past 6pm. We set up from 8am, and had quite a steady stream of people throughout the day; some having never heard of us, some asking what we do. Others asking how we got started. Some just wanted to play the games!
We also had a free lucky dip, where people rummaged around in our item box to see what they could find. We had bullet bill keyrings, and 30th anniversary Mario badges. Later on the day we added some themed keyring covers and other badges too :)

The times were all fierce, but it ended up being some of our known members who won two of the challenges. Well done to Kyle for the NES Remix challenge, and James for winning the Mario Kart 7 time trial!
A visitor won the Mario Maker challenge, so well done to David Jones for that too! :)

There were themed cupcakes by the door, which proved very popular with the fans! 

Later in the day, Retro Vault held a Mario Kart 64 tournament, and then afterwards a Street Fighter II tournament. Our very own Drn was commentating, and there was a lot of energy within the tournament too!

The day rounded off after the main tournaments, with people hanging around for a brief chat.

Our next big event is just under two weeks away, so we made sure to promote thas much as we could, and were happy that a few new faces appeared on our social media channels over the weekend!

Welcome to all our new members :D
Hope to see as many of our members new and old, at our last big event of 2015, on Saturday 5th December from 11am in the Menai Pub, Upper Bangor.

Thanks to the members in particular who helped us out at short notice. Special Shoutout to Chant, Nick, Jack and Drn!

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