Monday, 31 August 2015

August Splaturday! 29/08/2015

We managed to squeeze in a second local summer event this year as we managed to acquire the use of Bar Uno again!

This time was particularly special as we were able to offer all attendees £3 off their food/drink bill, and a limited food menu.

We set up from 11am, and some got a bit of freeplay in on Beat the Beat before the main event started.
We had signups at 12, but there were only two main competitions this time - Session 6 of the Smash League, and a Splatoon 1 vs 1 tournament!

We even had just enough players to have a "Monster Hunter" corner, so we got a hunt going there too :) here we welcomed a newcomer too, it's always nice to see new faces!

We started drawing names for Smash League Round 1, which featured four players teaming up with their amiibo to create a massive 8 player battle. The basic rule was that you had to play as the same character as the amiibo you had chosen. There were no items, and it was on a random omega stage.
This mixed things up a little, as no one knew how their amiibo would perform! (All at level 50, but no one knew how each other had trained theirs.)

Shortly after round 1, we drew the names for the splatoon tournament. One person was on one screen, and a second person was on a second screen. They connected to each other over the internet so both could have the full experience of the game. Each round was best of 3.

We had 15 entrants, so one lucky guy got a bye. We got down to the final 8, and then broke off for the second round of Smash League. this was the usual For Glory Round and was on 3DS.

Back to the final rounds of Splatoon, and things were getting tenser. There were some narrow matches, but most of the better players ended up on 2 -0 so didn't need to play the third match. The young ones were certainly enjoying themselves too!

Scott got the victory, apparently in revenge for his girlfriend Jade who got knocked out earlier on! He won himself £30 eShop credit.
Jack was 2nd and won £20 eShop credit, Rhys was 3rd and won £10 eShop credit, and Drn came 4th and got a bonus "drinks" token to spend. 

Finishing off with the "Wildcard" round of Smash League - It was a team... or was it?! Did you trust your amiibo to fight for you place, or did you prefer to fight it out yourself?! Only a minority chose to fight it as themselves, and most put in their amiibo. It was certainly an interesting round. Random omega stage, and the only items allowed were guns. 

Once the final round was over, we added up the scores for the league and ended up with a 3-way tie between John, Jack and Will. An extra For Glory round and against everyone's expectations, John won! He chose a Gannondorf amiibo to take away with him. 

We also had a presentation to make! Will had won the Mario Kart 8 tournament back in June at the North vs South event in Aberystwyth. However the trophy he should have won didn't make it in time, but finally appeared in time for this event; so we were able to present it to him properly! We took a picutre of the top 3 to make up for the lack of trophy, and then a picture of the trophy united with its winner :)

Top 3 players from North vs South.

We then did the prize awarding for Splatoon and drew the raffle. In the raffle, the Star Prize was a custom made Splatoon Inkling Hat in Purple. There were also a couple of amiibo, the promotional orange Splatoon hat and 3x 30th Anniversary Mario pin badges. 

Things ended slightly abruptly this time though, as quite a few of us were heading off to a Smash Brothers Tournament down the coast! We just about managed to squeeze in our mandatory group picture though, of course!

The next main event will be on Saturday 26th September from 11am, this features a slightly different twist as it will be the first event not run by Dylan and Jen! (also please note that there will NOT be a Smash League session in this event, and it's the perfect opportunity for any new people to come and check us out! :) )