Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Big Musical Event 25/07/2015

We had our "summer" venue Bar Uno, and it was the first musical event since MiiVision last year!

This particular event was a retro one though, with Donkey Konga, Beat the Beat and Guitar Hero as the main competitions. There were also freeplay games such as DJ Hero, Wii Music and We Sing; but it would seem that everyone was so enthralled in watching the main competitions that the side games never got played! (Unless you count a bit of karaoke by some of the regulars whilst we were tidying up for the day!)

We got let in to the venue just after 11am, and people started arriving just before 12. Main signups were done, but our schedule of starting at 12.15 was slightly optimistic!

Round 1 of the Smash League was first up. Prior to the event, we asked members to design a "music" stage and send a custom mii fighter across for the Wii U.

John's Stage - "Grand Piano"

Darren's stage - "Singing Skirmish"

Jack's Stage

John's Stage - "Note to Self"

The winner was John with his Grand Piano, which was the first stage played on. Afterwards, the different groups were assigned random stages to play.

People used the opportunity here to grab some food from the bar, but there was barely time to breathe before we moved on to the first competition: Donkey Konga.

We'd set it up for four, but quickly realised that the setting we'd chosen (Battle) only allowed for two players... It took a little bit longer than anticipated and we had a very busy schedule to get through, so there were 18 entrants going down to 9, and then 4, with the 5th player winning a banana as a consolation prize.

Newcomer Jim took 2nd place and won a pocket keyring DK game, and Jack took 1st place and won £20 eShop credit!

Round 2 of Smash was up next - this was the usual "For Glory" round and was done on 3DS.

Beat the Beat was probably the most anticipated game of the day, but no one had expected it to be so funny too! There was a LOT of laughter, some people with tears in their eyes!
There were 4 rounds, with exactly 16 entrants. This kept it simple for bracketing, going 16,8,4,2,1! There was only one prize - a brand new sealed copy of the game itself.
The rounds started with "Karate Man", but we found that a lot of people couldn't even get past the tutorial! (A few gave up and just went for it...)

Second round was "Ringside", which got the most laughter from the crowd.

Third was "Fork Lifter" and at this point we were starting to notice the accuracy of certain people...

The final was "Tap Troupe", where the 2 remaining people battled it out. Dan was no match for Ceri though, who ran away with a 97% win! She won herself a copy of the game to take home.

Guitar Hero had 14 entrants, and it was a battle between 3 or 4 players. The rounds got harder as the competition went on, but there was a clear winner from about half way through, as Niall was a guitarist and musician, as well as well-practised on the game!

Round 1: Guitar Hero 5 "Ring of Fire" (Easy)
Round 2: Guitar Hero 5 "Sex on Fire" (Medium)
Round 3: Guitar Hero 5 "Smells Like Team Spirit" (Hard)
Round 4: Guitar Hero World Tour "Eye of the Tiger" (Expert)

Although Dan put up a good fight in the final, he had no chance against the masterful Niall!
1st place gained £20 eShop credit, and 2nd place took £10 eShop credit.

With the guitars out of the way, we got on with Round 3 of the Smash League Session. This was the Wildcard. We did a Smash Run, with the final battle for each group being different: "Jump", "Warp Star Smash" and "Stock Smash"

We ended with the raffle and a couple of songs over the other side of the bar.
There were assorted smaller prizes, including a copy of Beat the Beat, Codename Steam, an amiibo of choice from a selection (ended up being Lucina), small yoshi plush and red pikmin.

Congratulations to all those who won prizes and made it to the event. Thanks also to the Bar Uno staff for being so helpful and accommodating :)

Our next event is Saturday 22nd August and will feature Splatoon, and the next session of the Smash League! Keep an eye out on the Facebook group for more

information :)