Tuesday, 16 June 2015

North vs South Wales, Aberystwyth 13/06/2015

After several months of planning and making sure the competitions were both balanced and varied, both StreetPass North Wales and StreetPass South Wales met in the middle (Aberystwyth) to battle it out across 7 different games to see who was the overall champion! There was a specially custom made trophy up for grabs, sourced from Dragoncraft of Amlwch, Anglesey.

The North Coach arrived a bit earlier which was perfect as it meant that 70+ people weren't trying to squeeze through the door at the same time! We had made a special commemorative postcard for the North, as we'd previously held a "Flag" competition in the preceeding weeks, with the winner's entry being kept secret until the day of the event. Congratulations to John Edwards with this fantastic entry!

The South Coach arrived not long after all the north attendees had signed up and found a seat somewhere. We were starting to wonder how the South were going to fit in the room, but somehow everyone found a seat! Phew! With the venue room being a long and slightly narrow room, it meant that we couldn't have too many spectators per station. No one really complained about this, although with the people all together it did get rather hot in the back of the room throughout the day!

We had a front "admin" desk from which we did sign ups and then took entries for the 4 side competitions. We had a Monster Hunter "Hub" as led by Janine of "Northern Hunters, Unite!" and her admin team. The rest of the room consisted of 4 tournament stations and a 5th setup for freeplay Splatoon with priority given to the younger members. This setup seemed fairly well received and we even ended up having a mini creche area for "baby mario" to play in!

...and although we weren't able to have a Splatoon Tournament (saved until August) we had the most amazing Inkling Girl :D

We provided free sandwiches, chips and sausage rolls for everyone, which seemed to go down well :) The bar was just across the entrance so it was easy for people to both grab drinks and get some air if they needed to. Unfortunately the weather had decided to be a bit grey and wet on the day, which was a shame since it had been so sunny on the Friday!

First up was Mario Kart 8.

The North was originally short of numbers as even though we had a very simialr number of overall attendees, we were outnumbered by actual competitiors since 4 were the Monster Hunter admin team, 1 was a baby who couldn't yet walk, and another had come along to support her partner!
Despite this, once some of the "non-Wales" StreetPassers had pledged their support to make up the numbers, we got Mario Kart going, with 31 on each side!

It was a tough competition due to time constraints so we had to do "top 2 go through" of 4 players, until it got down to 16, where only the top 1 went through!

Every race was 150CC, randomly selected from all courses. (including DLC) Easy CPU were added for the first two rounds and from the semi finals there were no CPU. All items were on, no teams, and you could choose any setup of character and vehicle.

There was a slight discrepancy with the quarter finals where admin missed the results page as someone had pressed the "A" button too quickly. Due to time pressures, it was only the next morning that we realised we could have just watched the replays! (We decided to carry on as it wouldn't have changed the North/South results, however this was resolved after the event.)

We ended up with an ALL North final, so it didn't really matter who placed where as we had bagged all the points for the overall competition. It was just down to which cup and prize people came with!
Will grabbed a Special Trophy and £20 eShop credit, Jack grabbed a shell cup and £10 eShop credit, and Tara won herself £10 of eShop credit too :)


Super Smash Brothers was a different story, as the North were outnumbered by 10 to start with, as well as some members from Smash Wales coming up from the South. They completely dominated the whole of Smash, although Kyle fought almost to the bitter end, even though he was the only North member past a certain point! The South took all 3 top places, bagging themselves amiibo and eShop credit for their victories! Guess it was only fair since we had trounced them at Mario Kart before!

It was 1v1, 2 stock 5 minutes, with randomly selected "approved" stages. Unfortunately due to time constraints it had to be single elimination with 1 match only. Only the final allowed best of 3, but with there being two tournaments in one event this was the only feasible way. No items or customs were used either. People were however allowed to change character between rounds if they felt the need to.

There weren't many shots of Smash, as the spectators were in their masses so it was hard to get down to the bottom end of the room. However, a few matches had been recorded, so keep an eye out on this blog post for video links, coming soon!

While the main tournaments were happening, we had a Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate competition about halfway through, and the other 4 competitions: StreetPass Fishing, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Ultimate NES Remix and Mario Kart 7 were running until 5pm. (We later noticed that the sheet actually said 5.30pm so sorry to anyone who hadn't heard the announcement at the start of the event! We were fairly lenient between about 5-5.20pm while people finished off their entries, although we needed the time to add up all the scores and work out the points for the overall result, plus checking time to make sure there were no errors!)
Every participant got a point for every side competition they entered. (So therefore didn't matter whether it was particularly good or not, simply that we had a recorded entry!)
In addition to that, at the end, the 1st position gained 5 additional points, 2nd gained 3, and 3rd gained 2.

Mario Kart 7 was the most popular entry, where people had to submit (up to 3 times) their time trial entry for SNES Rainbow Road.
We had a very similar number of entries with north and south, but the South ending up winning with a time of 1.19:212 courtesy of Ben Bayntun, who walked away with a shell cup and £10 eShop credit.
2nd place went to the North and 3rd place to the South (2nd and 3rd won extra points)

Animal Crossing ended up frustrating a few people as we'd asked them to catch the biggest Agrias Butterfly, and some just simply didn't come across it! Others missed their only spotted one!
The North generally had more entries though, with all top 3 being in the north. Easy win!

StreetPass Fishing - we knew that not everyone had this game, but those who did gave it a good go!
we had a fairly even number of entries between North and South, and honorary North member Tony (of StreetPass East Midlands) ran away with 1st place due to a fluke catch when he just threw all his "junk" bait in - very jammy! 2nd and 3rd place went to the South, which meant overall for this one, the South pipped us by one point!

Ultimate NES Remix - This was by far the most difficult one, and also not a lot of people had it. We did make it clear that if anyone did had and was willing to lend their cartridge or console for someone else to attempt it they were welcome to. Unfortunately, the South only had one entry, whereas the North had eight. The saving grace here was that South's Shaun Chandler had manged to get a high score of 1114600 which trounced the others! 2nd and 3rd obviously passed back over to the north though, meaning by quantity of participation, we grabbed the overall victory for this competition.

Monster Hunter - Janine set the challenge of the quickest time to beat the Armoured Akantor, and the winning team ended up being a split between north and south, (teams of two) so we awarded 5 points to each person. The South won the challenge overall and everyone walked away with a small prize too :)

Once all the tournaments and competitions were finished with, it was down to Jen and Sarah to add the point up for the grand total. We started doing the side competitions and then did Mario Kart 8 and Smash.
It was a tense one, with many people staring intently at the board at the front of the room. The South thought they'd narrowly won by 4 points just as Jen realised she'd added the North's Total up wrong!!
It was in actual fact the North who took the victory by a mere lead of 6 points!
The North thrashed the South at Mario Kart, but it was balanced out by Smash. The side competitions were fairly balanced but the North won overall simply because more people had taken the time to enter the side competitions!

We said this was a special one-off event, but with several members from both sides asking if it might happen again, well let's just say we'll keep our options open for next year ;)

Thanks to Paul and Sarah of StreetPass South Wales for being great co-hosts, as well as all the others who helped us out over the weekend, it was much appreciated! Also thanks to Nintendo UK for their support and Gwesty'r Marine Hotel for their hospitality!

Thanks especially to Mark Coxon of Jaded Images, for providing us with yet another set of amazing photos :D


  1. Great fun! Roll on next year! The North Remembers! Watch out South!

  2. Great day indeed, well done to all involved. The South won't forget, and won't go down quietly.